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3 New Ways To Keep It Spicy Across The Miles

Today the long distance romance seems to be part of everyday life. Whether one is a military wife or sweetheart, or you have a partner whose work has them traveling frequently, or even whether you have managed to meet someone amazing online and are keeping the spark alive across the miles. We know that every great relationship requires a little contact once in a while, and chances are you know this too. And one of the best things about an LDR (long distance relationship) is that when you are together, you make the most of those precious minutes before the next goodbye. So we don’t need to help you with those fun moments, but how do you keep the spark burning when you don’t see each other very often? If you are sexually compatible, and we will assume that you are, then this should come very easy to you in this day and age where technology has revamped the long distance relationship. But as technology changes, so do these relationships, and there is always something new and exciting to learn when it comes to keeping your relationship hot and heavy across the miles. Here are a few tips you may not have tried out yet.

1. Put a cease fire to your solo sessions. Huh? What? Now you can’t even masturbate when they are gone? Trust me when I say this will work to BOTH of your benefits. This is not something you need to go cold turkey on, but just cut down on the frequency. The truth is, the more you have sex, even if it is just masturbation, the more you want it, so if you are going solo when they are off and about, you are defeating yourself. You are going to want it more, and thus..miss them more and your libido will be running far too high for the girl who is going it at home alone. Leave the true good times for phone sex, or for when you finally do get to say hello again. You’ll be glad you did. And so will he.

2. Record yourself doing some dirty talk. This is going to ensure his mind stays on you and only you. There are a number of ways you can do this. Leave him a voicemail when you know he’s in an important meeting and can’t take your call. Long, whispering, sexy, hot…don’t cross the finish line, but just leave him guessing. Or, for an extended absence, write out an erotic fantasy, or read an erotic story you found online and record yourself reading it onto a digital file. Email it with the subject line “for your ears only”…Read it, and come to the finish line just for him on your digital file. This option is good for those that are a little too shy with the camera. Here you don’t have to worry what he’s thinking of your thighs or cellulite…just lay back, set the mike, and read and enjoy to both of your hearts content.

3. Yes, use the web cam. This one is the most versatile tool you can have on hand when you are in an LDR. You can video yourself doing something fun, film yourself even watching a porn if you want. Film yourself doing something sexy that you would never do in front of him. You don’t need to stress about his reaction because he won’t be right in front of you. Set the lights low, light some candles, have some wine and some tubby time with you, your camera, and your favourite audience. The truly adventurous can google the phrase “web cam sex” and you will find a wealth of websites out there where you can even make your own porn video right online. Something to consider if he is away during a birthday or special occasion. Film away, email him the link, and sit by your phone.

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