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3 More Subtle Signs That He is Digging You Large

There are many things that women do that baffle men, and we will never quite stop any of these things. We are committed to our eccentricities, and the world will continue to revolve whether we give them up or not. One thing that ALL women are guilty of is this process of over analyzing every single “sign” when they are trying to make things solid with a new man. What did the “…” mean in his email? What tone did he use when he said “see you later”? We rationalize men’s behavior because theirs is just as baffling to us as ours is to them. And they are not going to change any more than we are. If you are looking for ways to see if that hot new guy is into you, stop over analyzing the random details….that really aren’t giving you much information anyway….and see if he is doing any of THESE things. If he is, chances are…he is just that into you. Of course this list is not exhaustive, we could do an entire series on this topic alone, but these are just some of the more obvious ones that can help you out right now.

1. Texting pattern. What does his texting schedule say about what he feels about you? If you are getting texts from him between noon and 5 PM, you are in good shape. He doesn’t want to text you before noon, too early and he thinks he will appear desperate. After 5 and he wants to make plans? Something has fallen through and you are a second thought. After 11 PM? Booty call text and he has no respect for you and is not entertaining a relationship. Between noon and 5? He’s waited just long enough to not look desperate, and is leaving enough time for the two of you to make some solid plans. This guy is also thinking of you while he is at work. He wants to spend some serious time with you.

2. Daytime dates. When a man wants to take you out because he is serious about you, or thinks he will be, he will take you out for lunch. Bonus points if you get to choose the restaurant, because this says he wants you to enjoy your meal. The farther the date is from his own address, even better. He’s not thinking booty call, he’s thinking, I want to see this girl in daylight and REALLY get to know her.

3. Email Patterns. These are just as telling as text patterns, but you are looking more for quality of content here, rather than their frequency. We don’t need to tell you that if he is emailing you, and initiating it, every day that he likes you. Guys are big on quick communication, and this is why they prefer the text. He probably doesn’t even email his mom that often. If he is taking the time to email you, then he is extending another line of communication. This does not apply of course to the “forward this to 10 friends” type emails. Again, bonus points if you are getting a note during the work day, he may be stressed out and a note to you provides a sweet escape. Be wary of the Facebook guy though. Chances are, if he is messaging you through this means, or writing on your wall, or poking you, and you AREN’T getting regular emails from him, it is probable that you aren’t the only squeeze he is poking.

Men aren’t as hard to figure out as they want us to think. This goes back to dating and thinking like a man. When you can get into this mindset, it is SO much easier to understand their baffling ways. And no, this doesn’t mean you have to change any of yours, we want to keep them guessing now, don’t we?

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