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3 MORE Signs That He’s Just Not That Into You

Yes, this is one topic that can just not be covered enough it seems. Why are we so obsessed with the breakup, when we spend so much time simply trying to get to the relationship in the first place? The reason dear girls has nothing to do with the fact that you are needy or desperate, though this is EXACTLY what men want you to think. It is just as important to be on the lookout for breakup signs, as it is to look for a healthy relationship.

Why? Because nowadays, men are getting a little more sneaky when it comes to the breakup. Unless you are with someone very traditional, that truly understands what women need, you are simply not going to get the dinner out and the long awkward conversation. Why? Because if you had that kind of man, you probably wouldn’t be having relationship troubles. THAT man is emotionally available and respects women. Most men today have too many other things on their plate to make women a true priority, which is why, these relationships are failing in the first place.

But today’s man is getting sneakier, it’s called the withdraw factor, and men are using this tactic to weasel out of the ‘uncomfortable conversation’ and make you the bad guy. Think this sounds a little too familiar? Check these tips and see if your man may be heading down breakup lane a little sooner than you may have thought.

1. He starts breaking promises. These will start off as little things, like calling when he says he will. Or picking you up from work on time. When you’re not a priority in his heart anymore, you stop being one in his daytimer. This is a subtle one, and maybe even one he doesn’t realize. Oh, that’s what you think because you need to excuse his behaviour. But he does know what he’s doing. He’s not going out of his way for you anymore, because he just doesn’t want to.

2. He’ll ask questions like “Are WE okay?” Clue in girls. Men don’t like to talk about their relationships. It is almost as if, the better their relationship, the less they want to talk about ‘things’. If he starts initiating conversations like this, he’s trying to clue you in to his sense of things being on the outs. He may even be hoping you pick a fight with him, forcing HIM to breakup with YOU. This will leave you thinking you did something wrong, so he had ‘just cause’. Do you think this is preposterous? Flash back girls to every breakup you’ve ever had, and then watch the movie again (Hint: He’s Just Not That Into You) Yes, it makes sense now, doesn’t it?

3. He checks out other chicks, maybe he will even comment on them. He makes this obvious enough for you to notice, but subtle enough so that he doesn’t look like a total jack hound. Men that are happy in their relationships don’t want to start fights with their women. They will avoid this conflict and confrontation at any cost. Commenting on how great other girls look is a good way to start a fight, he may be looking for you to put the blood of the relationship on your hands here.

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