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3 Habits In The Bedroom You May Want To Break

We all have our way of doing things, don’t we? This applies to every part of life, and the bedroom is certainly no different. When it comes to our bedroom routine, many of us even pride ourselves on the notion that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. But even the most experienced partner, or the most loving relationship can fall into a bit of a rut. When it comes to sex, you want to keep things as exciting as possible as often as possible. Sex is supposed to be fun! And while time, life, and other issues may impede our creativity on the odd day, there should be no reason at all for the spark to be missing from your love life. Things feeling a little same old same old? Maybe you’re falling into one of these bad habits. Try breaking them tonight!

1. It’s all about the finish line. Making love seems to have become a thing of the past for many of us, and this is where the hum drum routine of sex takes over. While the finish line is certainly an important facet of the bedroom routine, it is by no means the only goal here. It’s a crying shame that many people don’t even USE the term making love any more. When you are in the bedroom tonight, remember what you are there for. It’s not a race to the finish line. Recall those days where foreplay took hours. Savor the journey, not the destination.

2. You know more about turning your TV on than turning your partner on. Oh yes, if only our partners came with a big red button that just needed to be pressed for instant zsa zsa zsa zsu. The fact is, that we all have a host of little buttons all over us that can easily turn us on with the same efficiency that the red button on your remote does. Take some time tonight to get to know where your partner’s buttons are. Find different ones if you are already well aware of a few. No matter how well you know your partner, there are some you have been missing. Play a game to see who can find these buttons faster, and make a rule that no intercourse is allowed until three of those buttons have been hit. Bam, zsa zsa ZSU!

3. Technology interferes. So you have your scheduled night with your honey, but are waiting for a response on that project proposal, as well as a call from mom about this weekend’s reunion, and a text from your daughter about how her math final went. But you don’t want to forego date night because well, that’s a commitment too. So you leave the phone on the nightstand (albeit on vibrate) and you and your partner start having fun until bzzzz…..bzzzz…..Tonight? Put the phone on quiet. Better yet, turn it off. All the phones in the house, and shut the computers down. This IS a commitment. Anything else can wait. It really can. Make a commitment to YOURSELF that you are going to do nothing but enjoy your partner for as long as deliciously possible. You time is just as important in your schedule as mom, work, or anything else.

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