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3 Easy Moves That Will Have Him Talking Dirty!

When it comes to sex and dirty talk, we’re always looking for the way to wow our partner, aren’t we? Hearing our lover sigh about how amazing that feeling was, or asking where we learned such a sexy thing, is enough to boost our confidence for a long, long time.

Here are three of those hot tricks that you might not have tried before, but that are certain to send your lover into overdrive. As you’re trying out these new moves, ask your partner to tell you what they think — using the dirtiest words possible!

The Double-Fist Jack. If your man is long enough to pull this off, he will never forget it! Lube up both your hands and sit facing your lover. Wrap your hands around his penis as if you were holding onto a pole. Slowly twist your lubed hands back and forth, in opposite directions. Once your lover is into the sensation, twist your hands while moving them up…your top hand will come off his penis, and then you can move it down under the other, keeping the motion going. It becomes an intense, constant pressure tugging on his dick, and coupled with some naughty dirty talk, you will be able to make him explode by the simple motion of your hands!

The Breathing Game. Let’s switch it up and talk about what you can do for your lover, whether they are a man or a woman…the breathing game. The point of the game is to let your breath touch them, but nothing else. Tell them to hold back from masturbating or otherwise touching themselves until they simply can’t take it anymore — and in between blowing your gentle breath over their body, say the dirty things you know they love to hear. The closeness of your body, coupled with the fact that you’re not touching them, will drive them crazy!

The Typical Blow Job – With a Twist. You know men love blowjobs…but sometimes they love having a little something extra. The next time you’re going down on your man, tease his balls, too…and eventually work your way down until you can gently suck them into your mouth while stroking him with your hand. The switch-up from the norm will be an exciting change. If you want to get really creative, ask him to masturbate while your lips do the talking down below.

What other interesting sexual moves can you come up with that will have your partner talking dirty while you work? Share them in comments!

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