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2 Of His Hot Zones You May Have Been Missing

Warning ladies, this may not be for the faint of heart, but we aren’t taking you anywhere hard core here. When it comes to sex, there are very few women who know all of the tricks, and how to do them well. While we ALL have a few good tricks up our sleeve, we can all use a few more, can’t we? With women, our bodies are complex entities, particularly when it comes to sex. It seems there are countless ways to stimulate us, and even get us off without hitting the same hot zone over and over again. (though we don’t mind that either)

But when it comes to men, they have fewer parts (it seems) and only a few conventional means and methods on making those parts work the way we want them to. But yet, you may be surprised to learn that your man has actually SEVERAL working parts to him, and a myriad of hot zones that, when stimulated, will take him to the finish line with ease. Many of his hot spots you already know, but today we are going to clue you in to two very distinct zones that aren’t general knowledge for today’s sexually savvy woman. This is a must read for every girl, if you have even missed ONE of these, give them a whirl tonight…you’ll be glad you did.

1. The Boys. Have you been giving them enough attention? Believe it or not, there is one small area here that many women are not aware of. A wonder muscles exists around this delicate area, that, when stimulated, will send shivers up his spine. In some circles this muscle is known as the ‘cremastor’ and is the muscle that functions to bring the boys up when they are cold, and down when they are feeling the heat. It works to protect them during temperature changes, but can also be used to stimulate him when the heat goes up. When you notice that he is about to climax, you’ll see them move up a bit, thus, if you were to pull them back down just a touch, you will delay his finish line cross and extend his pleasure even longer. Can you say intensity when the big O arrives? Oh yes. Which, by the way, is precisely what you will be hearing from him.

2. The P Spot. His P spot is very similar to our G spot, and is dubbed so due to its location near his prostate. There is a gland here that holds a fluid that will be present during his climax. When the prostate is stimulated, his orgasm is FIERCE. There are two ways to reach this one. You can go through the backdoor if he will permit you, or you can even stimulate it through a hand job. The corpus cavernosa is a tissue that runs over his penis, right up to his pubic bone, and this is directly connected with the prostate. If you stimulate this, you stimulate the prostate as well, causing an outstanding sensation. You can do this with your hands, but instead of doing the ‘up and down’ motion you normally would, simply push your hand (gently now girls) towards him instead of stroking him. Here then the corpus cavernosa will cuddle his little prostate and make him one happy camper.

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