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101 Ways To Flirt

1. Talk in a low, quiet tone.

2. Deepen your voice if you can.

3. When there is a pause in the conversation, fill it with a smile.

4. Hold eye contact.

5. Give him or her your full attention.

6. Look at her out of the corner of your eye, then look away.

7. Leave the drama at home.

8. If you want to break the ice, learn a neat magic trick.

9. Ask an off-beat question that gets attention fast.

10. Follow the cues you get back. If they are interested, you will know.

11. Wear clothes that show off your best assets.

12. Walk very slowly toward the object of your affection.

13. Play with her hair.

14. Tease him by playing with his collar.

15. Twirl your fingertip around a button on their shirt.

16. Accuse him or her of flirting with you. It always brings a smile!

17. Blow a kiss from across the room.

18. Send a drink with your compliments.

19. Write your phone number on a napkin and tuck it into his pocket.

20. Play with your straw or seductively sip the ice from your glass.

21. Use sexual innuendo to get attention.

22. Pay attention to what they say to you – that gets you noticed!

23. Let her use you. Does she have trouble reaching the item on the top shelf of the grocery store? Swoop in and get it for you, then introduce yourself.

24. Tailor your comments to the situation at hand.

25. Don’t be afraid to invade personal space.

26. Ask mundane questions followed by fun comments. For example, if you ask where she’s from and she tells you she’s from Alabama, remind her of how sexy southern accents are!

27. Accuse her of being naughty.

28. Tell her she’s beautiful – and mean it.

29. If you are really into him, ask him if you could go someplace quieter.

30. Touch his hand to show him you’re interested in contact.

31. Have interesting comments ready  – people absolutely love useless trivia.

32. Read up on human sexuality and be prepared with interesting facts.

33. Use double-meanings every time you can manage to get them into the conversation.

34. Give her a nickname right off the bat.

35. Lift your eyebrow when you make a fun point.

36. Stand between her and the crowd so she notices only you.

37. When you go for a walk, move slowly.

38. If it’s chilly, put your jacket around her shoulders.

39. Walking along the beach or on grass? Offer to carry her high heels for her.

40. Casually lick your lips as you look at him.

41. When you sit down, cross your legs toward him – that’s a big sign that you’re interested.

42. Laugh at her jokes and tell a few of your own.

43. Look right at her, even if you’re talking to someone else.

44. Lift your glass in appreciation when she looks your way.

45. Follow her around the room and when she looks at you, tell her that you thought she was following you!

46. Walk right up to her friend and ask them to introduce you.

47. Speak softly so he has to lean in to hear you.

48. Never, ever speak of exes, your mother, or anything else that might lead to negative thoughts on her part. Focus on her and only her.

49. Make yourself interesting! Read the newspaper and stay up-to-date on current events.

50. Avoid talking about religion or politics unless she brings it up first.

51. Give her sincere compliments.

52. Tell her you like the way you can make her blush.

53. If you’re comfortable talking to him, tell him so.

54. Be confident. If you walk in with a sexy swagger and mean it, she will be more attracted to you.

55. Lower your chin and look up at him. This pose makes him feel more powerful and attractive.

56. Ask him if he’s coming onto you. If he says yes, respond with “Good.” If he says no, respond with “Well, what are you waiting for?”

57. Be a bit sarcastic…many people like that wry sense of humor.

58. Allude to sex with every other comment. If he says he likes to play football, ask him something like, “So you like the rough games, do you?”

59. Send him a drink with a suggestive name, like a Fuzzy Navel or a Sex on the Beach.

60. Flat-out ask what they love about sex. That makes it clear where your mind is headed!

61. Slide your hand down her shoulder.

62. Touch her hand, hold it for a moment, then let it go.

63. Use shameless props. If someone comes up to you while you are walking your dog in the park, tell her you hoped he would be a chick magnet…then hold out your hand and introduce yourself.

64. Be spontaneous and go with the flow.

65. Straighten his tie – or better yet, loosen it.

66. If you’re the shy type, admit it! Women love honesty from the very beginning.

67. Ask her, “Please tell me you’re alone tonight…it will break my heart if you’re with someone!”

68. If you do get the brush off, be courteous, smile, and back off. She will remember that you were a gentleman – and so will her friends, who might very well be available!

69. Be selective – flirt with someone only if you mean it. If they have seen you flirting with half the room before you get to them, they won’t be interested, no matter how smooth you are.

70. When you say goodbye, kiss her hand before you go.

71. No paper about? Write your number on her hand.

72. Place your hand on the small of her back as you walk through a crowd. It makes women swoon.

73. Brush “lint” from his jacket to get closer to him.

74. Pickup lines are for amateurs.

75. Can you get her to dance? Good! That gives you the opportunity to get even closer.

76. If she is sitting down, stand with one foot slightly between hers.

77. If he’s sitting down, ease onto his lap with a mischievous smile.

78. Remember who you flirt with. The last thing you want is a call from a woman who is really interested, but you can’t remember where you met or what you talked about!

79. Acknowledge what you’re doing. Saying “I just love to flirt, don’t you?” takes away the coy games.

80. Lean over and tap your cheek for a tiny kiss.

81. Slide your hand along her knee.

82. Ask her, “Am I flirting too much?”

83. Undo the top button on your shirt.

84. Share interesting stories about your life experiences.

85. Whisper into her ear.

86. Don’t give away everything at once – leave him wanting more!

87. Ask for her number, and call it five minutes later, with the line, “I’ve waited as long as I could. Want to meet me outside so we can go for a cup of coffee?”

88. If you’re at a club, request that the DJ play a song for her. “Pretty Woman” is always good!

89. Look over your shoulder as you walk away from him.

90. Watch her the whole time she’s walking away.

91. Practice makes perfect! The more you flirt, the easier it will be.

92. Don’t play hard to get. Despite what the dating books say, it doesn’t work if you’re looking for someone to really connect with. If you’re just looking for sex, however, have at it.

93. If she kicks off her shoes, immediately massage her feet.

94. Massage his neck and back – it really does work for matters of seduction!

95. Be prepared to accept a “no” just as readily as you would accept a “yes”.

96. Stare at her as she puts lipstick on.

97. When you do get her alone, immediately reach for her hand.

98. Tease her friends and talk to them, but keep your eyes on her.

99. Don’t carry cards with your number – that’s too obvious. But do have a piece of paper or something in your pocket to write hers down.

100. When you do call her up, tease her with something like, “Did you miss me?”

101. Above all, treat your potential date with respect. That’s the best calling card you could possibly offer!

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