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101 Sexy Getaway Ideas

1. Pick your lover up at work for an impromptu night in a pricey hotel.

2. Plan a weekend getaway to the bed and breakfast just down the road.

3. Send the kids to a babysitter for the night and “get away” in your own house!

4. Take your sleeping bags and head to the backyard.

5. Invest in a two-person tent and go camping.

6. Don’t like sleeping on the ground? Purchase a camper that fits on the back of your truck and throw a mattress in the back. Park in the great outdoors and make that truck rock!

7. Book a day at the spa for both of you.

8. Not much time? Sweep your lover to a hotel for an afternoon quickie.

9. Rent a boat and paddle out over the water until you find a secluded place.

10. Go for a picnic on a Sunday afternoon.

11. Take your lover to a clothing-optional beach.

12. Are you both open-minded? Consider a weekend at a nudist colony.

13. Look for resorts that are for adults only.

14. Rent a secluded cabin in the middle of the mountains where no one can find you.

15. Get a hotel room with a Jacuzzi and spend most of your time in the water!

16. Go to the beach and lay around in your swimwear all day. Look at those curves!

17. Take an adventure lesson that gets the adrenaline pumping – skydiving is great for that.

18. Have a lingerie night, where you model everything in your lingerie chest for him.

19. Guys, brush up on your striptease skills and surprise her with a night of her own personal dancer.

20. Look for resorts that cater to erotic couples.

21. Book the honeymoon suite for the weekend.

22. Discover the naughty fun that is a good fondue restaurant.

23. Take a cruise to the islands and walk the beaches together.

24. Ready for the fast lane? Sweep her away for a weekend of shopping in Manhattan.

25. Does the forecast call for snow? Rent a cabin and light the fire!

26. Go storm chasing during tornado season.

27. Take a scuba diving trip – especially if you’ve never been on one.

28. Rent a helicopter to fly you over the mountains at sunset.

29. Go to a town where no one knows you and make up new personas for yourselves.

30. Take a road trip to the place you first met.

31. Visit another country and vow to speak to each other only in the native language.

32. Try a hedonism resort.

33. Learn something new together by taking a weekend class.

34. Go to a zoo together and remember what it felt like to be a kid entranced by the animals.

35. Plan a sexy scavenger hunt for your partner.

36. Rearrange the furniture and redecorate your bedroom to make it feel like a getaway.

37. An old-fashioned romantic dinner by candlelight. It’s a classic that always works!

38. Rent ATVs and go riding in the woods. The muddier you get, the better!

39. Find a beautiful waterfall and play underneath it.

40. Take a whale-watching trip.

41. Go fishing together. Even if you’re not a good at it, the peace and quiet will allow the two of you to reconnect.

42. Ready to test your mettle? Try a survivor camp weekend together.

43. Stay at home, but spend the entire weekend naked.

44. Plan a vacation without telling your partner – then sweep him away from work and on to fun!

45. “Kidnap” your partner for a sexy evening in a nice hotel.

46. Is it cold outside? Take a cruise to a warmer climate.

47. Fly to a new city for the weekend. Check flight schedules for the cheapest tickets, and book the earliest flight you can find.

48. Go to a concert and dance the night away.

49. If you are a history buff, take a weekend road trip to historic sites.

50. Stay in a very old cabin and live like the pioneers did!

51. Give her a gift card for her favorite lingerie store and spend a whole afternoon there.

52. Get tickets for that great action movie he’s been dying to see.

53. Just take a drive – and wherever you end up, don’t forget to make out like teenagers!

54. Choose a resort that offers a private pool for your use.

55. Book an erotic photo shoot for the two of you.

56. Take a week long-bicycle trip through the countryside.

57. Visit a foreign country and soak up the atmosphere.

58. Go to a city where no one knows you and visit the hottest strip club you can find.

59. Act out all your fantasies at a fetish club.

60. Visit Mardi Gras – and do what it takes to get more beads!

61. Rent a private villa on an adults-only beach and do what comes naturally.

62. Rent a hotel room with a big balcony and make love on it.

63. Take a nude cruise.

64. Book a week at a southern plantation and get lost on miles of romantic rolling hills.

65. Go on a “volunteer vacation” and help others in need.

66. Blindfold your partner and read a sexy story about a foreign place. Ask them to envision everything in their mind. Then make good on the promise of the story!

67. Book a second honeymoon in Las Vegas.

68. Have dinner at a “blind” restaurant. It can be an intensely erotic experience.

69. Take a trip the old-fashioned way: on horseback.

70. Not ready for that? Rent a horse-drawn carriage and circle around town square at night.

71. Spend an evening with a swinger’s club.

72. Plan an evening of decadent drinks at an upscale bar.

73. Book a full-body massage for both of you.

74. Videotape your naughty evening in your hotel room.

75. Renew your wedding vows on an exotic beach.

76. Go on a wine-tasting tour.

77. Travel legendary Route 66.

78. Go see the Greek and Roman ruins.

79. Spend a summer in another country and learn the culture together.

80. Get away in your own kitchen with exotic foods and recipes – make a great meal with a fine wine to sip while you talk and laugh.

81. Visit a horse race and place bets on the ones you like.

82. Love to gamble? A weekend trip to Atlantic City, Vegas, or even Tunica might be in order.

83. Find a good classic movie house and relive the black and whites while holding hands.

84. Go to Disney world – without the kids!

85. Explore the towns where your favorite movies were filmed.

86. Park in the back row of a drive-in movie theater and climb into the backseat together.

87. Go for the ultimate romantic vacation – Paris and the Eiffel Tower!

88. Try something unique, like the Ice Hotel or a treetop cabin stay.

89. Invite a friend into your bedroom for an “anything goes” weekend.

90. See a sexy show, like “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”

91. Visit a marriage retreat and learn how to strengthen your relationship.

92. Learn how to sail and take a boat out for the weekend.

93. Make your vacation a “double date” – invite along the most romantic friends you can find.

94. Have big bucks to spend? Lease a mansion for the week and make love in every room.

95. Spend the night in a lighthouse.

96. Learn how to ski in the mountains, and warm up before a crackling fire at night.

97. Clear out the living room, put down a mattress and other comfort essentials, and spend the weekend in bed in front of the television.

98. Better yet, plan a naughty movie marathon!

99. Plan a vacation around the hottest sex shop in your area – buy goodies to take back to your hotel and break them in during your getaway.

100. Take a bottle of wine to the front porch swing and flirt with each other.

101. Finally, the most important part of your sexy getaway is the person you are with – so be sure to tell them just how sexy they really are!

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