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101 Sex Positions

1. Missionary

2. Woman on top

3. 69

4. Reverse Cowgirl

5. Wheelbarrow

6. Sideways 69

7. Inverted 69

8. Standing against the wall

9. Sitting in the chair

10. Standing 69

11. Sitting 69

12. The Amazon

13. Betty Rocker

14. The Arch

15. Under the Hood

16. Standing Cowgirl

17. The Butler

18. Reverse Standing Cowgirl

19. Attention

20. Doggie Style

21. Open Throat

22. Open Oyster

23. Ben Dover

24. See-Saw

25. Ask and Receive

26. Eiffel Tower Climb

27. Sexy Cat

28. Pile Driver

29. Lotus

30. Kneeling Lotus

31. Spooning

32. Bridging

33. Heaven’s Gate

34. The Bodyguard

35. Lunges

36. The Muffler

37. Side Ride

38. Stand and Carry

39. Shallow Pumper

40. V is for Victory

41. The Butterfly

42. On Bended Knee

43. Cowboy

44. Cradle

45. Squats

46. Riding the Face

47. Sign of the Cross

48. The Prison Guard

49. The Deck Chair

50. The Folded Deck Chair

51. The Deep Stick

52. Rear Entry

53. The Dancer

54. Opposite Direction

55. The Throat Check

56. The Drill

57. Plumber’s Specialty

58. Kneeling Missionary

59. Standing Doggie Style

60. Forbidden Fruit

61. Face Fucking

62. Turtle

63. Inverted Blowjob

64. Downstroke

65. Matching Sockets

66. Standing Missionary

67. Inverted Missionary

68. Scissors

69. Twister

70. Threading the Needle

71. Batter Up

72. Lock and Load

73. Wild Stallion

74. Nose Dive

75. Lap Dance

76. Jockey

77. Side-to-side

78. Pump on a Chair

79. Inverted Jockey

80. The Swan

81. Standing Spoons

82. Rodeo

83. Mirror of Pleasure

84. Salute the Flagpole

85. The Electric Chair

86. Jack Hammer

87. The Trailer Hitch

88. Daisy Chain

89. Tangled Spider

90. Fire Hydrant

91. Halftime Preview

92. Leapfrog

93. The Delight

94. In the Hot Seat

95. Reverse Hot Seat

96. The Voyeur

97. The Exhibitionist

98. Kangaroo Shuffle

99. Pussy Control

100. Over the Moons

101. Bronco Buster


  1. If they are no pictures to back the styles up, then there is no use putting their names up. Because the pictures are suppose to help give people new ideas to try in their sex life, especially those who do not know the names of this positions or have an idea they exist.

  2. I’m better than your vibratar

  3. hi I want pussy bitches

  4. what if a uy says he doesn’t like jb ? it tickles to much ? thats normal isn’t it ?

  5. All I like to do is hit it from de back and jus enjoy making her moan loud

  6. lol @ shanks. did you even read what you said?

  7. i would like to tongue her pussy when she is on her knee in doggy position and then shove my cunt deep in to her pussy and drain my complete sperm in to her cunt.

  8. Try this one. You’ve been playing for a while. There’s some baby oil involved because she was using it to massage his cock to a rock hard state. By now, both bodies have a slippery, mild coating of oil.
    She’s on her back, legs spread. He enters her and does a few strokes. She staightens out her legs which tightens the pussy clench on his cock. They entangle their feet, another sensual point of contact. He now slides up and down, both of them enjoying full body contact from the tip of their feet to their locked lips and tongues.
    This mutual position is so easy and comfortable, if he can last, it can go on for a long time. Then, they can KABOOM together after feeling the excitement build in each other.
    Try this unforgettabe experience. You’ll want to make it a regular position of your sexual play. Enjoy.

  9. My favorite one is where he lays on his back and I lay on top of him and he shoves his penis up my pussy and moves up and down and then takes it out and i suck it and he licks my pussy and then he shoves his toungue up my pussy!!! It feels really really good!!!

  10. ha lays on his back n i lay on top of him faced down with my face on his peniss while we both suck eachother up.

    his favoritee

  11. I like it really when she lies on her stomach, and I take her pussy ( from behind)

  12. best position I am on top and my man playing with my breasts,teasing my nipples with his tounge and I am just riding till a wild orgasm…….nothing better

  13. this really helps me

  14. oh ugh this feels good, im having fun with my vibrator, it loves any position

  15. definitely gotta try the one in the chaiir

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