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101 Role-playing Ideas

kinky role play ideas1. Be the traditional (and always playful!) French maid.

2. The nurse comes in to take the patient’s vital signs.

3. The naughty patient seduces the doctor during the exam.

4. The pirate on the high seas traps a fair maiden and has his way with her.

5. A proper Victorian woman is seduced by the bad-boy rogue.

6. The cowboy captures the Indian maiden and teaches her the ways of the West!

7. The lonely man at the bar gets a blowjob in the bathroom.

8. The gynecologist does more than just “the usual.”

9. The young man is seduced by his female principal.

10. A serious “fight” turns into a serious grudge-fuck.

11. The two handsome orderlies take advantage of the helpless patient.

12. The doctor and the nurse get it on.

13. The male model winds up fucking a groupie outside the photo shoot.

14. The preacher makes love to the parishioner while his congregation awaits his sermon.

15. A naughty slut confesses all their sins to the priest.

16. The priest makes the naughty slut do an interesting penance.

17. The boss catches the intern masturbating and nature takes its course.

18. The slave is purchased by the slavemaster and brought home for sexual duties.

19. The foreman demands more than an honest day’s work from the laborer.

20. Two married people enter into an affair with each other.

21. “Daddy” has to spank his girl for being a slut.

22. The groupie fucks the musician after a great show.

23. The Russian spy sent to kill the informant winds up having sex with them instead.

24. A stripper turns into a slut and gives her client more than he expected.

25. A man is abducted by aliens and forced to undergo sexual “experiments.”

26. An extra “surprise” is offered during a routine massage visit.

27. A “John” picks up a prostitute and takes advantage of all her services.

28. The strong businessman turns into a sex slave as soon as he gets home.

29. A woman invites her sexy neighbor into the bedroom to get her husband off.

30. The male gigilo gets paid to get a woman off over and over again.

31. The dominatrix gets off on beating her lover with a whip.

32. The secretary gives the boss head while he’s on the phone.

33. Little Red Riding Hood gets stalked and caught by the Big Bad Wolf.

34. The porn star has to try something they have never done before.

35. The delivery guy delivers more than just pizza.

36. The man dresses up like the woman and their roles are reversed for an evening.

37. The auto mechanic allows the young lady to “pay” for repairs in a creative way.

38. The babysitter has a fling with the handsome daddy.

39. A photographer takes more than just candid pictures of his model.

40. A woman comes home to find a “stranger” in her home with intentions to “rape” her.

41. The older woman seduces the much younger man.

42. A woman gives the “gift” of her best friend to her husband for his birthday night.

43. A slave is “punished” if they have an orgasm.

44. The wife is tied up and “given” to another man for his pleasure.

45. The movie star fucks the driver in the back of the limousine.

46. A woman takes on a gangbang while her husband watches.

47. A husband is made to watch while his wife sleeps with someone else.

48. A woman is tied up and blindfolded while she gives head to a string of men.

49. A submissive man is ordered to suck another man’s cock.

50. The cop uses his handcuffs to restrain the wild and naughty whore.

51. The private striptease turns into something more.

52. A foreigner comes to a new country and needs to learn lessons about love.

53. A woman is a “naked platter” for her man as she serves fruits and sauces from her body.

54. The pilot gets it on with the flight attendant.

55. The porn star masturbates for the camera.

56. The hostage is repeatedly taken against their will, and they enjoy it.

57. Adam and Eve partake of naughty indulgences in the Garden of Eden.

58. A man gets “caught” by a coworker who then has to teach him to masturbate properly.

59. A virgin is taught by a very experienced man.

60. A man loses his virginity to his boss.

61. The surgeon fondles the patient right before surgery.

62. A woman encounters a horny vampire in her bedroom.

63. The slut on prom night fucks the hottest man in the class.

64. A couple has sex out in the open, where anyone can see.

65. The slave shaves his mistress everywhere to make her as smooth as silk.

66. The anal sex virgin gets a lesson from an expert hooker.

67. A plumber is asked to check out more than the bathroom pipes.

68. A man must service all the women in his neighborhood, one at a time.

69. The chef creates meals that have to be eaten with the hands – while naked.

70. A man is caught cheating and has to confess all the lurid details.

71. The completely inexperienced monk meets a sexy woman who wants to seduce him.

72. A virgin enters a harem and gets taught the ways of sex from the Sultan.

73. The widow gets her frustrations out by banging the young man who mows her lawn.

74. The millionaire offers the maid extra money if she will let him take her up the ass.

75. The schoolgirl is seduced by the headmaster and then spanked for being bad.

76. The randy husband has to be “forced” into anal play before he can get off.

77. The Catholic schoolboy is spanked with a ruler for being “bad” with the girls.

78. The cop who arrested the prostitute gets a freebie to let her off the hook.

79. A game of “truth or dare” winds up as blackmail for sex before someone tells secrets.

80. The cheating spouse gets “marked” with the name of their lover (tip: use washable markers).

81. Repair guy winds up having sex with the lonely woman of the house.

82. The man comes home to find his wife having sex with another man.

83. The shy and quiet woman is “forced” to go down on another woman while her husband watches.

84. Two strangers meet at a bar and do what happens naturally.

85. The dark and mysterious CIA agent rescues the damsel in distress.

86. The dentist “tests” a patient’s gag reflex by having oral sex with them.

87. The military man rescues the hostage and then she rewards him for her freedom.

88. A person shows up for an interview with a very sexy resume and offers to showcase some of their “skills” and
“techniques” for the boss.

89. The man who “misbehaves” takes his punishment by accepting anal sex.

90. The captured maiden seduces her captor and gives him an orgasm so intense, he vows to never let her go.

91. The mailman delivers a nice, big package to the lonely wife while her husband is away.

92. The hot, sexy player is teased and ridiculed by women who only want some tongue action, and he gets nothing for

93. Sex education class turns into “hands-on” training.

94. The “naughty” man is forced to wear a chastity box all day.

95. The cheating woman is tied to the bed while she confesses to all her sins.

96. A man is spanked once for every naughty fantasy he has.

97. The princess offers herself to the prince in exchange for marriage.

98. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus get an early Christmas present!

99. Lonely woman having dinner alone winds up fucking the waiter on the table.

100. The belly dancer tries to seduce the King so she can become one of his wives.

101. The prison guard is seduced by the inmate and has wild sex in a dark corridor.


  1. I want some suggeation on roleplay with my wife in hindi script

  2. I have that fantasy of watching my wife get gangbanged by several men.. How would you rolepay that scenario? Sex toys? Blind fold? Any ideas?

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  4. Lots of gay and lazy incestuous rape fantasies. Check yourself there’s much more wholesome ways to explore the risqué side. Good effort tho

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  6. Wife spanking, we are doing that for the first time this weekend. We are choosing the headmaster and the schoolgirl roll. This can be reversed easily. We have a desk at home, that will be the prop, the naughty girl will be in detention and the headmaster will need to provide discipline for this bad girl.

    It is all in fun and you do need to discuss limits and a basic scenario to to follow.

  7. Can I have some ideas for role-playing when spanking my wife?

  8. Please can i subscribe to you. im writing a book on roleplay

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