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101 Places To Have Sex

1. Hotel bed

2. In the Jacuzzi

3. On top of a fire truck

4. In the pouring rain

5. In front of the mirror

6. On a golf cart

7. On the carpeted staircase

8. On the front porch swing

9. In a classroom after everyone has gone home

10. Backseat of your car

11. Drive-in Movie Theater (in the back row!)

12. Bedroom

13. In a canoe

14. On top of a pool table

15. Laundry room on top of the washer

16. Airplane bathroom

17. Back row of the movie theater

18. At a concert among the crush of fans

19. On the Ferris wheel (you have to be fast!)

20. At the airport terminal

21. In the back aisles of the superstore

22. On your childhood bed during a family reunion

23. In the snow

24. In a furniture store

25. On a tractor

26. In the living room floor

27. In a Porta-Potty at the big concert event (this tests your bravery, too!)

28. On the kitchen table

29. Under the stars in the backyard

30. On a mountaintop in the middle of a hike

31. In your office at work

32. On your boss’s desk

33. On a boat in the middle of the ocean

34. In the ocean itself

35. On the beach

36. While in the tanning bed

37. In the lighted pool at night

38. In the center of an ice-skating rink

39. On the riding lawn mower

40. Under the fireworks on the Fourth of July

41. On a hotel balcony

42. In an elevator (again, how fast are you?)

43. Up against a tree in the woods

44. While in an old-fashioned phone booth

45. In the changing room at the department store

46. Among the old forgotten shelves at the library

47. On the golf course (18th hole, of course)

48. In front of your live webcam

49. At the Playboy mansion (hey, why not?)

50. Under a waterfall

51. In an antique shop on an antique bed

52. In a sleeping bag while camping

53. While standing up in the shower

54. While under the blanket at the big football game

55. While going through the car wash

56. On your parents’ bed

57. At a basketball game under the stands

58. In a corn maze in autumn

59. At the zoo

60. Under a highway overpass

61. In the middle of the football field in the middle of the night

62. While talking on the phone

63. Underneath the Christmas tree

64. On the hood of your car

65. In a haunted house during Halloween – wear your masks!

66. On the subway

67. In an old barn

68. While in the back of a limousine

69. On the train

70. On a cruise ship, up against the rail

71. In the quietest corner of a museum

72. On a stage during a live sex show

73. In front of your friends

74. On a street corner (don’t get caught!)

75. At your desk while working

76. On a picnic table at the park

77. On the big table in the conference room

78. While stuck in a traffic jam

79. On your favorite recliner

80. In a secluded corner of the casino floor

81. While on horseback

82. In a hammock in the backyard

83. On the riverbank

84. Behind the stage during a concert

85. On the band’s tour bus

86. On the roof of your house (be careful!)

87. While on a sight-seeing tour on a helicopter

88. While in a hot air balloon

89. In a photography studio (while the camera captures it all)

90. On set for an amateur porn movie

91. In the aisles of the hardware store

92. In the car you are test driving

93. On the side of the road

94. In the bathroom stall

95. In the bed of a pickup truck

96. In the private jet

97. At a highway rest area

98. In a cave

99. At the gym on one of the machines

100. On a motorcycle

101. On a pier just above the crashing waves


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  3. or at the town’s convention center lol been there done that…hot hot hot

  4. in the Grand Canyon!

  5. Nightclub bathroom 🙂

  6. on some black sand

  7. on top of the dug out during a game
    center of the basketball court midnight in the rain at a park
    up in a tree

  8. in tha backseat of someone elses car lawl

  9. On the top deck of a bus

  10. in a crowded parking lot

  11. in a field surrouned by houses

  12. in the middle of a road

  13. in a bus shelter

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