101 Love Making Tips

1. Turn off the phone and lock the door – in other words, no distractions!

2. A little soft music always gets the mood going.

3. Invest in soft, comfortable sheets. Don’t forget soft towels, too!

4. Candles give a soft, inviting glow to the bedroom.

5. Try slipping into a satin robe and showing a bit of skin at a time instead of the full monty.

6. Kiss your lover for five minutes. That’s right – FIVE! Not just a peck or a quickie.

7. Heat things up by reading a sexy story to your partner.

8. Talk about your fantasies. What do you want most?

9. Talk about fantasies you would never try, too. It’s fun to share what’s on your mind!

10. Give your partner a long, gentle massage.

11. Invest in massage oil candles – they heat up the oil just enough.

12. Better yet, try edible massage oil, so you can kiss your lover’s skin while you caress it.

13. Choose your perfume or cologne carefully. Choose what you know your lover likes.

14. Don’t talk about everyday life when you’re in the bedroom. The bills and the kids can wait!

15. Try putting a colored lightbulb into the bedside lamp. Red casts a sensual glow.

16. Be prepared with a small basket of necessities by the bed – lube, vibe, condoms, etc.

17. Blindfold your lover and make him guess what you’re going to do next.

18. Lay back, put your hands over your head, and invite your lover to ravish you.

19. Pop a strong mint into your mouth before you go down on your partner – the better to tingle!

20. Keep a glass of ice water by the bed for refreshment.

21. You could also use the ice as a toy.

22. Try bondage! Use soft scarves if you’re shy, handcuffs if you’re not.

23. Watch a naughty video together and imitate what you see on the screen.

24. Challenge each other to be completely silent during sex. Place bets on who will speak first!

25. Challenge each other with dirty talk. Can you be filthy enough to make your lover speechless?

26. Use a rose to trace patterns all over your lover’s body.

27. Experiment with pillows to find new and interesting positions.

28. Breathe deeply with your lover – try to match the pace of your breathing with his.

29. Wear high heels to bed. Don’t take them off!

30. Put on masks while you’re making love and pretend you are other people.

31. Put soft gloves on your hands while you make love. Your partner will love the new sensation.

32. Slick your bodies with baby oil before you go at it.

33. Get silly – ask your Magic 8 Ball sexual questions.

34. Set up a digital camera to take shots of your lovemaking.

35. Want to be even more adventurous? Set up the video camera.

36. Place a mirror right beside the bed so you can see the action from different angles.

37. Put on deep red lipstick right before you go down on him.

38. Try out some flavored lubes or lubes made specifically for oral sex.

39. Perform a striptease. Use the bed post as your “pole.”

40. Ask your lover to put on a striptease for you and praise his every move!

41. Perform in another way – masturbate for your lover.

42. Break out the vibrator and tease your lover with it.

43. Hop in the shower and make love in there – be careful of the slippery soap!

44. Invade the refrigerator. Whipped cream isn’t just for pies, you know.

45. Whisper into your lover’s ear after lovemaking.

46. If you have long hair, kneel over him and brush the strands all over his body.

47. Do you use condoms? Opt for flavored ones and try to guess the color.

48. Edible body paints turn your bodies into creative canvases.

49. Write erotic stories for each other and read them aloud.

50. Come to bed wearing leather – the surprise will turn him on!

51. Take it out of the bedroom. To the kitchen table, perhaps?

52. Give that backyard picnic table a shot – at night, of course, so the neighbors don’t see.

53. Ask your lover to lie down and then touch him everywhere – with only one fingertip.

54. Go a step farther – touch him with only your breath.

55. Learn how to give a deep muscle massage and rock his world with your skills.

56. Shave your genitals for your lover. If he’s up for it, shave his, too.

57. Put a temporary tattoo in a place where only your partner will see it.

58. Write your name on your lover’s body with a permanent marker.

59. Play strip poker – it’s an old cliché, but hey, it works!

60. Look around your house for items that double as sexual objects. (Toothbrushes! Lotion bottles!)

61. Make love in the bathtub. The swirling water is a huge turn-on.

62. Role-play with your lover. Choose your parts and play them to the hilt!

63. Give your lover a paddle and ask him to spank you with it.

64. Make a point of foreplay – but without intercourse. Do this until you can’t take it anymore.

65. Describe how your lover’s body looks. Go into great detail.

66. Get tipsy. Everything feels different after sharing a few drinks.

67. Take control. Drop to your knees the moment he walks through the door and suck him off.

68. Play “hide and seek” with a tiny piece of chocolate…make him explore your body to find it!

69. Ask him to take naughty pictures of you. Pose for him in your best lingerie.

70. Shop for toys together. You can do it online for privacy.

71. Explore what a cock ring does to him. Try it out in all positions!

72. Become his dessert plate. Arrange bite-size fruits on your body and let him feast.

73. Take a class in belly dancing and surprise your lover with your sensual moves.

74. Draw a “bullseye” on your body with a pen and ask your lover to “hit” it when he climaxes.

75. Write down all your desires. Work down the list and fulfill one every night.

76. Hold your lover down while you make love to them. The possessiveness is a turn-on!

77. Look into a sex swing or other device that will make the bedroom a jungle gym.

78. Dress up for your lover in your finest attire – only to take it off one slow inch at a time.

79. Wear flavored body lotion to bed.

80. Run a feather all over your lover’s body.

81. Offer your lover something you haven’t done before.

82. Nibble on your lover’s body. Start out gentle, but use more pressure if he really likes it.

83. Read through the Kama Sutra together.

84. Let your lover dress you – open your lingerie drawer and let him choose what you wear.

85. Wrap yourself in nothing but a big red ribbon and present yourself at the door.

86. Surprise your lover at work wearing nothing but a trench coat.

87. Let your lover watch you play with a vibrator or dildo.

88. Go online together and join an adult forum. Let your alter egos get down and dirty with others!

89. “Pick up” your lover at a bar and invite him back to the hotel room for steamy sex.

90. Record your sexual adventure and download it onto his MP3 player for later listening.

91. Make love standing up.

92. Go outside in a thunderstorm and have sex in the rain.

93. Learn exactly where to touch your man to give him the mind-blowing orgasm he really wants.

94. Learn a few dirty words in a new language and surprise him with your knowledge.

95. Use kitchen utensils for new sensations – the tines of the fork, or the whir of the whisk.

96. When he least expects it, dance for him in your underwear.

97. Challenge each other to having sex all day long. How many times can you come?

98. Invest in a remote controlled vibrator…and give him the remote.

99. Listen to audio stories together and try to mimic what is happening in the story.

100. Call a phone sex hot line and go down on him while the operator teases him.

101. Feeling brave? Invite a friend over to watch the action!


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    i have found your advice really working not for me alone but the other guys i shared with this bit of advice.

    keep it up guys.

  5. i let their man make love to her, i tear it up

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  7. HAHAHAHAH thats too funny, but guys, girls do actually want love and affection, its not just all about “feeling” for them, yall r messed up

  8. Ladies dont want all that BS, like my ma said, just whip it out and stick it in a few time then splash on her face when done.
    They love that.

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