101 Hardcore Dirty Talk Examples

1. Bring that hard cock over here, you sexy bastard.

2. You want to fuck this pussy?

3. It makes me feel like a slut to spread my legs for your dick.

4. Do you like the way I swallow your baby maker?

5. See how juicy you make my cunt?

6. I want to feel your come slide down my throat.

7. You like it when I suck your balls, too?

8. Let me slide a finger up your ass.

9. Stretch me open with your big, meaty rod.

10. Come here, you sexy motherfucker.

11. You want that tight little ass? Think you can fit it in there?

12. I want to fucking choke on your cock. Make me take it!

13. Bad girls get their pussies spanked, don’t they?

14. Then they have to open their legs and take your dick.

15. I think you should punish me by fucking me up the ass.

16. I can feel you all the way in my belly!

17. Shoot that come inside me – let me feel your cream.

18. Watch me play with my tits.

19. Show me what your tongue can do for my pussy.

20. Tie me up and come all over me.

21. Don’t you fucking stop. Ram me with it!

22. Fuck me so hard it makes me hurt tomorrow.

23. You like it when I come on your cock?

24. Push those fingers into my cunt. Deeper!

25. I want to feel you all the way in.

26. How tight is it down there? Tell me.

27. I want you to pump me full of your come.

28. You want to hurt me with your dick, don’t you?

29. Watch it go in – see how it stretches me?

30. I’m so tight around your dick…I can feel how big you are.

31. You’re better than any other fuck I’ve ever had.

32. Ride me like a stallion, you fucking manwhore.

33. Let’s get out the vibrator and fuck each other with it.

34. I love the feeling of two dicks at once.

35. Push the vibrator up my pussy…then put your dick in my ass.

36. Can you feel it fucking me?

37. I like the way your balls slap against me.

38. I like the way your balls jerk in my mouth when you come.

39. Why don’t you fuck that girl down at the convenience store?

40. I’ll watch you give it to her good, baby.

41. Let me lick your balls while you fuck her pussy.

42. I want to feel your balls jerk while you come for somebody else.

43. You like the thought of being with two sluts?

44. How about three sluts?

45. How many men do you want me to fuck?

46. Three – one for each hole?

47. You can watch while I swallow a stranger’s dick.

48. Then one of them can slide into my cunt.

49. Another one can push into my ass.

50. You can tell them what to do to me. I’m your whore!

51. Should I make a stranger come?

52. You want to watch him come all over me?

53. All of you can come on me. I like lots of cream.

54. So many men shooting all over my face and my tits.

55. But what about you? How many women can you handle?

56. One at a time, riding your dick until they get off.

57. You’re just an assembly line of pleasure.

58. I want to watch while you fuck them all.

59. You’re just a fucking machine, aren’t you?

60. How many times can you come in one night?

61. Do you think I can swallow all of it?

62. Let me deep throat you until I can’t breathe.

63. Make me gag on your fucking long dick.

64. Fuck my ass so hard you make me scream.

65. Then I’ll suck it for you. You like that?

66. I’m your sweet, fucking slut. I’ll do anything you want.

67. Tell me your nastiest fantasy.

68. Tie me up and spread my legs for your friends.

69. Get out the video camera and let me make a porn movie for you.

70. Jack off for me while you think about it…

71. Watch your come slide down my lips.

72. Watch me lick it up off your belly.

73. I’ll beg you to make me come.

74. I’ll do anything to come on your dick.

75. Please spank me – I’ve been a bad little girl.

76. Pinch my nipples until I say I’m sorry.

77. Make me sit on that big dildo while you watch.

78. Get the biggest one you can find so it stretches me out.

79. Rub your fingers all over my clit.

80. Make me suck your dick while I ride that big rod.

81. You know I like to have a dick up every hole.

82. Watch me go down on another woman, baby.

83. You want to see your woman eat pussy?

84. She tastes so good…come over here and taste her, too.

85. Why don’t you fuck both of us?

86. Slide your dick in her pussy and let me lick it clean.

87. Make me come while she sucks on your dick.

88. Are you going to come for her?

89. Can you come for both of us?

90. Shoot that come all over my pussy.

91. Shoot it deep in my cunt and put a baby in there.

92. If you come for her, I might have to punish you.

93. Jack off right now. I want to see you lick your own come.

94. How big of a boy are you?

95. I’m on my knees, spreading my cheeks. Which hole do you want?

96. Watch me spread your come all over my skin.

97. I love to make you scream when you come.

98. Let me blindfold you while a stranger sucks your dick.

99. Lay back and let me ride you until you spurt.

100. Make me your sex slave and do the nasty things you dream about!

101. I’m going to fuck you until you beg for mercy.

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  8. I seen you jacking off your cock last night. i was peeking through the door. Your legs were spread and your head was way back on the pillow as you rubbed your balls and stroked your cock! Wow, I started cumming and moaning soflty so that you would not hear me. Then it happened! Your body starting thrusting and you were gasping as your cock erupted with hot sperm for almost 5 whole minutes. Wow, I experienced that whole thing with you. I had such a huge orgasm that I could hardly get to the bathroom to clean myself up! I love you.

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  16. Anyone want to make me cum?
    Tell me what you’ll do to me?

  17. Do you want to know how I’d start? Well…i would sit on your lap with my back on your chest and then you could bring your arms forward and slowly go up my shirt to feel my tits. Then I’d turn around and put you on your back as I undid your shirt. While I was kissing you, each time more passionately, I’d begin to work my way down your chest and feel your hard dick through your jeans. I’d unzip you and let you feel my warm breath on your dick for just a moment before I slipped my soft lips over your head. At first I’d only take a couple inches of your long cock but then, I’d take it all. My lips going up and down while my tongue twisted and licked every inch. I’d go faster and you get to sit back and watch my body move to the rhythm, closer and closer until finally you explode in my mouth and I’d swallow it all. After that I go back a lick the rest of your cum off your delicious dick. After that I’d go back down on you only this time with my hands…

  18. thanks Jack. what can i say? lady in streets and a freak in the bed.

  19. were making out on the couch i put my hand in yur pants n start playing with yur dick making it a lil bit harder. yu start rubbing my pussy yu feel me getting wet threw my panties.i grab yur hand n take yu to yur room n i push yu on the bed. n start ripping off yur clothes. i then start to makeout yuwith yu again.i go down n i start to suck yur some wat hard cock. yu push me up take my clothes off n start fingering n eating me. making me moan. i then get on top of yu n start riding yu.n then i get off n suck yur hard throbbing dick. yu flip me over on my stomach n start shoving yur cock into my ass. slowly at first then eventually getting faster n faster deeper n deeper making me moan n scream yur name. i start sucking yur cock again yu cum in my mouth n down my throat. i start to rub my pussy while yu eat me out making me moan. n squirt all over . =] let me kno wat yu think i dont think its good but idk

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  21. I love all this dirty talk, my husband also loves listening to me as me and a girlfriend squirt all over his face before he takes it in turns to fuck us

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  23. i am ultra sensitive to details while fucking and i love being the same while texting. i have many guys i do this with and they all LOVE it. i realize now that guys like the hardcore shit and i do to. then it moved to be ultra kinky. i love to be tied up bit you know what really gets me off is when a guy treats me like im delicate. amd towards the end hell ram the shit out of me. so if i had it my way this will be my ultamite orgasm.

    Hell carry me from my car and ill wrap my arms around his neck and well stare into each others eyes not sayinh a word. then hell gently lay me on the bed. then ill grab him by the collar and pull him on top. heel start kissing me and hell whisper in my ear you are the most beautiful angel then hell kiss my ear then my collarbone slowly. then ill grab him by then face run my fingers through his hair and kiss him so passionately. then ill gently roll him over on the bed and climb on top. feeling his dick start to rise as i move my hips up and down and around it. teasing him. then ill start to unbutton my white collared shit reveling my 36DDs and my red lacey bra.then ill lean over and kiss his neck and rubs my hamds up his body then slowly take off his shirt. then ill stand up and rub my hands down my waist taking off my skirt leaving my red angel winged thongs showing. and then ill walk to the edge off the bed and climb my way to him stopping at his huge cock to help him take off his pants then throw them to the side. then ill kiss him up his body to his luscious lips and hell sit up and ill grab his neck and kiss him on the ear. while he unclamps my bra. then hell lay back down and ill work my way down slowly taking off his boxers with my teeth while staring into his eyes. then hell grab my head with both hands and kiss me. then hell flip me over and run his hands down my body to my pussy taking off my thongs. then on his way up hell run his fingers over my clit giving me a slight jolt. then hell take both hands and grab my face amd stare in to my eyes and he very very gently kisses me them he moves to my ear and whispers. barely making a sound and says ill try not to hurt you baby. then hell slowly push his cock into my already wet pussy and i take all 8 inches of him in one breath then hell go in and out. i can hear him barely moaning my name. ashley (breath) ooh. while him im lying then throwing my head back as i feel his throbbing huge dick tap the outside of my stomch. then hell start pounding faster and harder and ill grab my tits as i hear my bodies smacking together from my juices. then hell flip me over and ill ride him. pushing my hands against his chest and my tits bouncing. id ride him so hard and tighten my pussy when i came up. then i would bounce lightly on his tip for a little. then id take all of him again. then hed pick me up and lay me over on the bed and hell give it to me from behind and ill be pushing my clit down on his dick. then he grabs my body and pull me to his face and says in my ear. Baby.mmm.ashley. your so warm and tight. ooh. baby. then ill push him on the bed and take his huge cock in my hands and shove it in my mouth and lick all of me off of him. sucking and sucking and sucking. feeling his throbbing huge tasty cock pulsating in my mouth making me crazy to i do it harder and deeper. harder and deeper. then hell whisper ashley. baby. ASHLEY!! I GOTTA CUM NOW!! then ill pop his tip in and out off my mouthtaking in all his cum while he moans. then ill let him watch me play with it in my mouth. licking it around my lips then hell pull my head back up and kiss my lips and hell gently lay me on my back and hell go down while im biting my lips and breathing so hard. then hell gently kiss my clit and starts working it with his tongue. sucking it then flicking it like a snake. then hell pull everything back as far as it will go making my clit really show and hell blow on it and wrap his lips on it and hum. back and forth blow. hum. blow. lick. hum. then hell slip his tongue in my pussy filling my G-spot. and rubbing my clit with his fingers til i cum all over his face. then hell come back and stare into my eyesand kiss my lips and i lick all my cum off of him then well lay there in ecstasy and hell gently rub my clit until he gets hard again then well do all over again this time in the shower.

    and thats a little version of how it would go. if anybody has anything to add. please do. 😉

  24. I find it difficult to do deep throat.It;s all in the mind and muscles relaxation from the throat? any good position where i will feel more comfy doing it?

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  32. Can you come up with some hardcore dirty talk that would appeal to a woman coming from a man? Gotta tell ya, it isn’t rocket science to get a guy excited. If a girl let’s me know she’s enjoying getting fucked, the words she uses are not that important. As long as it isn’t fake shit like you see in porn. However, words seem to be _EXTREMELY_ important to women.

  33. thekatsmeow says

    these ar so lame, any girl could say way better without much effort, most of these are turn offs and not even close to hard core just limpcore lol and never ever call it a baby maker…and if guys get turned on by these then they must be some pretty boring guys!

  34. I am a man and i like to get my girl in this way……

    Now, its your turn. You’re my boss and order me to fuck you hard. Slap my ass and order me whatever you like………Fuck my dick with your wet tight pussy…….Oh my sexy baby……….. you are so sexy dick fucker. Ohhhhh yessssssss I like your fucking…… screwing your waist clockwise and anticlockwise on my big hard dick…..

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  40. We were in the lounge eating pizza i turned to him and sat on his lap facing him. i licked the pizza off his lips, and i could feel his cock go hard. i giggled and started to unbutton my top. he got harder. i stopped and left the room and quickly got changed into a schoolgirl outfit, with no panties on. i walked in the room and bent down and barked. He walked over hand undoing pants and one holding his crutch. he takes the beast out and “says you sure?” i said “You want to fuck this pussy?” he slid it in slowly and i moaned he pulled on his hair he put it in, out, in, out. i moaned everytime and told him harder . he said bark i barked he said, suck i came off and deepthroated him he moaned my name again and again and pushed me to the floor and jumped on me he shoved it into me hard… harder…… and harder till i was screaming he laughed and licked my breast and said “youve been a naughty girl, whats going to be your punishment” he fucked me all night till i didnt no what my name was… the best night of my life!

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  43. this is nuffin compared d wat we talk i was lukin mor hardcore dan wat we wer doin. does ne1 no worse?

  44. These are bad.

  45. NEVER call it a “baby maker.” What a turn off. Dick or cock is more appealing – especially if you say “BIG” cock.

  46. ahh I love dirty talk! I’m so glad I found this!

    I make my boyfriend slowly pull his cock out of my tight pussy and then slam it in hard, and I’ll say one word of a dirty sentence for every thrust. The harder he thrusts, the louder I scream. Keep it short though…three or four words, max. It’s awesome for the first couple of thrusts or towards the end when you’re both about to explode.

  47. This list is fucking gold! I looove Karina and Lusty Lisa’s examples.
    I’m trying to learn the art of running dialogue, but so far I have a few choice phrases that have driven the boys nuts:

    “I fucking love your dick in me.”
    “Come on, fuck me like the big man you are!” (Best done in some rough doggy-style position, etc.)
    “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum all over your cock!” (Best done woman-on-top)
    “Get down there and tongue-fuck me till I cum.”
    “I love watching your hot mouth between my legs.” (Best after oral)

    My fav was this one listed in Cosmo, where the guy said something along the common lines of “I’m gonna come!” To which the girl enthusiastically replied with, “In my mouth!” while springing to his cock to suck him off. Super hot.

  48. His Little Whore says

    My boyfriend loves it when I beg him to fuck my ass. I’ll lay back on the edge of the bed with my legs spread and knees near my tits, and I’ll touch my cunt with one of my hands. Then I take my other hand and making sure he can see my red painted nails, I’ll stroke it up my leg from my stiletto heel all the way to my stocking tops.

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    And besides, his cum trickling down my leg will be just the snack I desire when I wake from this heavenly dream.

  49. I like the that… “bury my face in your pussy til you cum” that’s pretty fucking hot for a girl…

    I like it when you fucking suck my clit and I can feel your chin in my pussy, and you move down and lick my ass and you flip me over and pound me from the back while you pull my hair and grab my ass and fucking mark me with finger print bruises up and down my back and tits like I’m a dirty little whore you just want to cream into…

    How was that?? I’m new too…

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  51. Im only Young And I Dont Use These With My Boyfriend Coz Im To Young To Have Sex But I Use These When I Rub My Pussy 😀

  52. I’m gonna push you on the bed, spread your legs wide, lay my hot body on top of you and rub my hard, throbbing cock against your hot, wet, juicy pussy. As i tease ur clit with my cock, Im gonna nibble and suck on your hard nipples, making you wetter and hotter. then i will flip you over, push your face into the pillow to muffle out your screams while i slam my long hard fat cock into your tight, hot asshole, slamming it in and out while u finger your juicy pussy and lick the juice of your fingers. Then you will lick my dick from the hot taint to the tip of my wet cock, u will wrap your thick juicy lips around the shaft and work your way up and down, sucking harder and harder, making my cock throb harder and my toes curl, then watch as my cum trickles down your throat. I iwll the bury my face in you pussy till you cum.

    Thats the version for guys 🙂

  53. sexy for more says

    wats the crack with every 1 getting it up the ass like i dont like it but some ov these are good and really turn my boyfriend on! x

  54. Naughty ness, that’s a go 🙂 my gf loves this kind of stuff but I’m new to it, this is a great site. More ideas for this weekend everyone! Here’s a try,

    (I’ll be bangin her) you like it when I fuck you? Say it! (my gf will def say the word fuck here, so I’ll turn her head forcefully to the side, grab her hair and pull back so she’s facing the head of the bed, neck exposed) WATCH YR Fucking Mouth you dirty little bitch! (then I bite her neck while covering up her mouth with my hand so she let’s out a muffled scream)
    my baby knows I love her, she likes stuff like this I only do it for her. I’m really kind of tame.

  55. Naughty Ness says

    I have a friend i play with for fun, i started texting him some pretty dirty things until he asked “can we pretend im raping you”
    This is what i came up with…

    You can rape me any day of the week.. Bend me over the bonnet of your car while the engine is running in the poring rain. Pull my hair back and shove your throbbing cock in me while i scream for you to stop. Slap me hard and fuck me even harder until im un able to hold myself up. My body so limp and im so helpless, you put your dripping cock in my mouth and fuck me deep down my throat…

    What do you think??

  56. i av started 2 text this guy n he is always askin 4 me 2 text dirty n i really dont no how ! if u could help me i would love 4 sumat 2 really get him going , he is really good but i really need 2 return some texts 2 him

  57. Crazy~For~Dick says

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    Thanx For All The Idea’s…..

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  60. nice!

  61. I really love it when my man calls me a dirty slut
    it drives me wild

  62. Yeah….i run out of things to say too! My husband and I love to tease each other over text! I hope this can help anyone out there!

    “Mmm, baby..my pussy is creaming just thinking about your thick, throbbing cock thrusting in and out of my hot, tight asshole. I want to feel your balls slap against my juicy, hot pussy…mmm…I want you to bust your load all over my ass, let me feel your thick, hot cum slide down to my pussy, while I play with my clit dripping wet from your cum!”

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    O wow i fucking love all of this and people are giving advice

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  64. my boyfriend loves it when i put more than one finger in his ass while i give him head!!! great shit

  65. freakyfelicity says

    hey people some of this shit really turns me on..but I need talk dirty to my boyfriend as if I am the dominate one. I seem to be repeating myself and run out of things to say pretty quickly. Any ideas?

  66. SEXYLATINA says

    this is some hot shit … but i need help ….. my mans at work and hes always traing to get me horney over sending me text messaged but am not good at dirty talking we havent had sex yet but he talks about the things he would do to me the things he says make me go wooow but i dnt knw how to dirty talk him back can some one help me plz

  67. Sex crazed says

    Pls give me more ideas my boyfriend loves it and I’m running out of ideas.
    Ps give me ideas that involve begging(he loves it wen I beg)

  68. Nice list, it turned me on!

  69. i have been dating this guy for a while now and i don’t know how to tell him i love hot dirty talk. i am super shy.

  70. Mizz Kitty says

    these are awesome! have anymore ideas, but not to long?

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  73. can’t wait to learn more, this will make him explode. He loves hot dirty talk. Thanks for the ideas please keep them cumming.

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  75. This is amazing.. I’ve just started seeing someone who likes me to talk dirty to her, but have never done it before. Any suggestions of things you’d like to hear a man say to you?

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  78. krystalx69 says

    omg you guys, lol im so turned on right now. my bf just went to bed:(

  79. hey Cris2441
    some feedback
    that shit is fucking hot haha
    if i were on the other end of the line i’d be fuckin jacked
    go with that

  80. Loving it guys… I’m trying really hard to get over my shyness and get all hardcore for my man.. Any suggestions how to do this??

    I can do it in my head…but the execution sux.. we are long distance and want to drive him wild over the phone..

    “I’m such a dirty slut baby, I want to watch you fuck another slut.. I want to lick your balls while your fucking her wet pussy and her juices drip into my mouth. I want to taste her your on your hard cock”


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  82. How about:

    Baby, i want you to do me doggy until ur about to cum, then come cum down my throat?
    Luvving them btw

  83. Weezy Blog says

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    These are good 🙂

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  86. Juicy Fruit says

    Hahahahaha ADOLF! That definitely didnt turn me on, but it made me laugh out loud! Hahaha! Do me a favor Darling….dont talk in bed. Just take it and moan and shut up! 🙂

  87. wow b'dow watch out now! says

    Karina that was awesome and my b/f looovvvveedddd it! Give us some more!

  88. I wanna cum in your ass and suck it out with a straw…

  89. hey put more this is awesome..i need more of this for my bf

  90. anything new??? im in a lil desperate help here!

    i like that, buttercup!

  91. adolf? Not very good!! How about this version:

    I want you to push me on the bed, spread my legs wide, and lay your hot body on top of me, and rub your hard throbbing cock against my hot wet pussy. As you tease my clit with your cock, I want you to nibble, and suck on my hard nipples, making me wetter and hotter. I want you to flip me over, pushing my face into the pillow to muffle out my screams while you slam your fat cock into my tight, hot asshole, slamming it in and out while I finger my juicy pussy. Then I want to lick your dick from your hot taint to the tip of your wet cock, I wrap my thick juicy lips around your shaft and work my way up and down, sucking harder and harder, making your cock throb harder, you then cum down my throat.

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  95. how about this
    i want you to ram your big hard cock up me til i scream n cum all over it n then let me suck it all off

  96. need_it_bad says

    Wow, those are hardcore dirty talk examples!

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