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101 Extreme Dirty Talk Examples

1. I want you to choke on my cock.extreme dirty talk

2. I’m going to piss all over you.

3. Fuck me like the whore I hired last night.

4. I’m going to blow a load in your ass.

5. You need to eat my cum, don’t you?

6. All those other men lubed you up with their cum, didn’t they?

7. Horny sluts always get what’s coming to them.

8. I’m going to rape your ass.

9. Ride me like a fucking pony until I shoot into you.

10. Ripe me apart with your dick!

11. You like being gangbanged, don’t you, slut?

12. I’ll fuck you until you bleed.

13. If this how your daddy fucked you?

14. You fucked your mother like this, didn’t you?

15. There’s a reason they call you a motherfucker, you horny bastard.

16. Let me watch you fuck her.

17. Suck my cock after I’ve fucked your ass.

18. Drink down every ounce of that cream, baby.

19. Fuck me like a porn star.

20. Think I can fit my fist into your pussy? Let’s find out.

21. You like being stretched by cocks, don’t you?

22. I’m going to bit your tits until they bleed.

23. I’m on my period – so go down on me. Now.

24. Shut up and take it, you son of a bitch.

25. Bend over and spread your cheeks for my strap-on cock.

26. Real men know how to suck cock, don’t they?

27. I’m recording all of this whether you like it or not.

28. I’m going to come all over you and let your boyfriend lick it up.

29. You’re so horny you would fuck a dog if that were all you had around, wouldn’t you?

30. I want you to wear a diaper for me.

31. I want to hurt you with my dick.

32. Shut the fuck up and take it.

33. I’m going to shoot my jizz all over your face.

34. What if I piss in your mouth? Would you like that?

35. I want to squeeze your balls until you shoot for me.

36. Suck your cream out of my pussy.

37. I’m going to fuck you so hard you scream.

38. Get down there and rim my ass.

39. Will you suck the milk out of my tits?

40. Here comes another load of cum for your ass…

41. Swallow my cum until you gag on it.

42.I want to watch you fuck a stranger.

43. I think you should pick up a woman at the club and anal fuck her.

44. I don’t even know your name, and I don’t care.

45. Are you crying? Good. That turns me on.

46. I want you to keep that butt plug in there until you are stretched enough to take my cock.

47. I’m going to tie you up and blindfold you before I fuck you.

48. I’m going to gag your mouth so you can’t scream.

49. Then I’m going to pound your pussy as hard as I can.

50. And then I’m going to slam my dick into your ass.

51.You’ll clean it all up with your tongue after I get off, won’t you?

52. Jerk it until it hurts.

53. Stop whining, or I’ll use Icy Hot instead of lube.

54. I’ve always wanted to do your mother.

55. Hell, I’ve always wanted to do my mother.

56. Come on, big sister – let’s play!

57. I want to watch you get your dick pierced.

58. Let me suck on your high heels.

59. Put a collar on my neck and pull on it while you fuck me.

60. You feel like sloppy seconds, baby. Who did you fuck?

61. Do you know what a sounding rod is? Baby, you’re about to find out…

62. I’ve always had a rape fantasy. You game?

63. Want to see me fuck your best friend? Want me to make you watch?

64. You would like to see me on my knees in a room full of men, wouldn’t you?

65. I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week.

66. Just how kinky are you? Should I shit in your hands to find out?

67. Wonder how he would feel to come home and see my dick in his wife?

68. Bark like a dog while I fuck you from behind.

69. Can’t you spank me harder than that? Grow a pair!

70.I’m going to suck on your balls until they hurt.

71. Finger me while you’re wearing your wedding ring – think your wife would approve?

72. I should put peanut butter on your dick and let the dog lick it off.

73. I love to watch my cum run down your thighs.

74. How much cum can you stand in that cunt of yours? How many men do you want?

75. I want to see some man-on-man action.

76. I want you to do my brother while I watch you.

77. Let’s put clothespins on your nipples and see what that does for you, baby.

78. I want to watch you snowball with him.

79. How far can we stretch your cunt? Want to find out?

80. I’m going to pour champagne in your twat and suck it out.

81. Show me how you fuck your other lovers.

82. I’m going to lube your ass with my cum before he fucks it.

83. Can you taste my girlfriend’s pussy juice on my dick?

84.Be careful or I might bite your clit.

85. Be a good girl for daddy and put on your play clothes.

86. What if I choked you while I fucked you?

87. A kinky slut like you deserves a belt across the backside.

88. Think we could fit a baseball bat up that loose cunt of yours?

89. Slide his dick in your ass, and then I’ll fuck your pussy.

90. Put on a show, baby – you’re live on the internet right now.

91.Let my cum on your face. I want to watch it ooze down your skin.

92. Put in a butt plug after I cum in your ass, so it stays deep in there all day.

93. What if you got a tattoo while I fucked you?

94. If you say no I will have to force you.

95. That makes you wet, doesn’t it, you slut?

96. I want to fuck your dick so raw you bleed.

97. I’m going to give you an enema with wine and watch you get drunk.

98. Why don’t you call your brother for a threesome?

99. I’m going to brand your ass with my initials while I fuck you.

100. I wonder if you can take my cock and this dildo up the same hole?

101. You’re such a whore – are you sure you don’t give it up for money?


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