101 Dirty Talk Examples

Learning how to talk dirty is easy, start right now by using the examples below.

1. I love the way you kiss me…especially when you kiss me there!

2. I want to get naked with you right now.

3. Say my name when you do that!dirty talk examples

4. I love you so much. Can you feel it?

5. Do you like the way that feels?

6. I love feeling your strong arms when you’re on top of me. I love your muscles!

7. Use your mouth on me.

8. I love the things you do with your tongue.

9. You’re so damn gorgeous.

10. What’s that thing you do with your hand? I adore that!

11. Want to see what I really want? Come closer…

12. Strip for me, honey. Slow. I want to savor every inch of you.

13. Do you like the way that looks?

14. I’m going to control you tonight.

15. Use me as your toy.

16. Tell me what you want.

17. I’ll do anything for a sexy lover like you…anything at all.

18. You’re the best lover I have ever had.

19. This is going to be the dirtiest night of your life.

20. Show me what you can do. I know you’re man enough!

21. You can have me any way you want.

22. Look, honey – handcuffs! What can we do with these?

23. Don’t stop, harder!

24. You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

25. It drives me crazy when you look at me that way.

26. You know what I want. Give it to me.

27. I want you so bad – can you feel how much?dirty sex talk

28. Just lie back and let me make you come.

29. You like that, don’t you? You like it when your woman does that to you?

30. Look how ready I am. Don’t you want to put your dick in there?

31. I adore how naughty you are.

32. You taste so good.

33. Come over here and ride me hard.

34. No one has ever made me come as hard as you can.

35. You make me so damn horny, baby!

36. I want to feel those sweet lips all over me.

37. Fuck me, honey. Right now.

38. I’m going to lick you and suck you until you come.

39. Want to make me scream? I’ll bet you can.

40. Get over here, big boy. Show me what you’re packing.

41. I love it when you nibble on my nipples.

42. Do that some more.

43. Your wish is my command.

44. Should I tie you up and make you take it, or are you going to be good?

45. Don’t you dare come until I say you can.

46. I love how big your cock gets when I talk to you like this.

47. Fuck me with your big, delicious dick.

48. How deep can you go? Let’s find out.how to talk dirty

49. Lick every inch of me.

50. Only question is…where do you want to come?

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    Good luck!

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    I’m 18 and I lost my virginity at 17 with my current boyfriend… I’ve been told that I’m good, and I know I am which I found quite surprising concidering I was a virgin. However, I spent the last few years searching up sex secrets and tricks and it’s done nothing but help me. I intend to put a twist on a few of these phrases…and use them to my disposal… 😀 thank you SO much!!!

  90. I get an immediate erection when told “I want to suck your cock” or anything submissive like … “I’ll drop to my knees for you.” She liked being told what to do in 3rd person… “suck his cock,,, take it deep and thank him.” She would say “thank you for coming in her mouth, daddy,” “this little slut cannot get enough cock.” This was an ex-GF, but we talk dirty to this day and nobody ever took the other’s place. She would talk like a young girl too, and liked for me to talk about punishing her. I found the women like to talk about clothing, and talk of how their skin feels under their fabric. “Are you showing cleavage?” I love dirty talk, and every woman I tried it on came coming back for more, just like woman who’s ass I spanked. My favorite thing she said was probably “I want you to fuck me in the ass, will you please give me that honor?!”

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    I don’t understand how the submissive attitude in women would be a healthy attribute in the relationship.

    If I think about being with another man, I’d like him to be a little aggressive but I’d be a little aggressive back in equal measure. But that is a different dynamic, not total submission.

  96. Love some of the examples, 101 is not something i would use. My new husband loves it when I talk dirty to him… not excessively or like I’m “putting it on.” He loves things like “lick my pussy”, or “fingerfuck my ass” but I need some help. He thinks I’m a “good girl” but I’m not really, just inexperienced… “good girl” is sooo off. He likes sexy feedback when he’s fucking me and he likes to be given orders in sexy talk. Some examples would be great please. Something other than “fuck me hard baby” or “your cock feels amazing”… I KNOW… I’m lame, and as I wrote earlier, inexperienced. He tells me just let it come naturally, but it doesn’t.

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    You are right about love, respect and equality. But if a man offers this to a woman, and she will mostly be turned off. Why do you think that so many sportscars or gasguzzling Hummers are being sold? Because they are “babe magnets”. Women see men driving them as “powerful”, because of the money they might have. Women do not care for tender loving husbands but for “powerful” (and rich) ones. They are willing to give themselves up, to shut their brains off, to become obedient sex pets just to get an easy life.

    That being said, the person with whom you will share your life with sure is lucky!

  112. These were are really nice, I will be using some of these, but can you remove #101…that sounds sick!!

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  124. Yeah. uh 101 is gross. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode when Jerry says to a chick “The panties your mom laid out for you.” Parents should not be talked about or thought about during sex. I can’t even stand people saying “who’s your daddy.” GROSS!

    Now, dirty talk can be really hot. My man says the same thing over..But I talk to him about things…I tell him what I like & what I want & HE LOVES IT! I want him to say my name more & I love it when he moans & groans. Nothing is hotter than that. Makes me HOTTER!

  125. simply fab says

    Ummm… I think we can all agree that we were into it until #101. I’m reading down the list like ooh that’s good, oh yea ima use that [get to the last one] What the Hell?!?! You lost me…

  126. The last one is way fucked up.

  127. Joes slut says

    Boydnar knows what he is talking about..I love it when my man calls me ‘good girl’ when I fuck him, he talks low and soft to me dirty or otherwise all the time we fuck or make love…. he knows it makes me cum. When he calls me on the phone, the sound of his voice makes me horny as fuck, which is cool, cus he works away at times.

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  136. WoW… Super job of the examples…I agree with Christina 101 just dosen’t seem right!

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  144. Well that’s a hell of a lot of phrases. Some would say all a woman has to say is ‘I’m ready’ to turn a guy on!

  145. BOYDNAR,

    I dont even know what to say except…..wow. ifonly there were more of you in the world

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    Your words create moisture in my love tunnel…lmao
    I want you to pound my “extremely sensitive cerebral auditory center ” right now

  152. Oh my god… I love being talked dirty to.. My favorite is when he says;

    “I want to lightly rub my tip on your clit and make you wet while I’m asking you if you want it and how bad, just to tease you. Then when you cant take it anymore, I’ll slide in softly but as hard as I can and as deep as I can get… feel my cock swelling as I’m about to cum inside you; pulling your hair back and hearing you moan as I’m letting go!”

    LOVES IT!!!

  153. First of all, a lot of the guys commenting are clearly assholes, calling their lovers bitches and telling them to shut up (not that I believe they have real sexual partners) but Boydnar really takes the cake. Disguising your misogynistic bullshit as appreciation for female sexuality is pathetic. Women are not naturally sunmissive or in need of “training.” Healthy, pleasurable sexual encounters are about love, respect and equality. If being aggressive turns her on, more power to her and you can shut your mouth, boydnar, because sexism is soooo not arousing.

  154. Boydnar, you are every womans dream. Why can’t all guys be like you. We don’t want to say all that crazy dirty crude stuff to guys.
    We want you to control us and talk to us like that. In bed at least. 🙂

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  157. this site makes me feel naughtyy(; i love the dirty text messages and things that my bf says to me(: it just turns me on..

  158. uhm? #101 is fucked up; who would say that? well, iv’e used very few of these with my boyfriend because he likes things natural & not planned. We do use alot of talking and moaning back & forth but nothing that any of the comments up there say..and Boydnar, your one smartt cookie…guys theses days dont seem to have much respect..all they want is hookers and hoes..

  159. MoonThruster says

    I like it when my girl bends over the couch or table and pulls up her dress or skirt and says ” I’ve been waiting all day for you to make me wet, now get over here and Fuck my Pussy PLEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSSS! I need it make me purr baby I need your Cock inside me, I need it Fuck Me Fuck it hard come on that’s it tear it up. ” All along this time I tell her “Shut up. Take your Dick, I know you want it! Spread your legs wide for me baby, let me see your Pussy oozing all wet. Now sit on my Face and hold on I gonna tease your clit with my tongue till you forget your fucking name! Now bend over and squeeze those pussy lips together as my cock drives deeper into you. Who’s cock you want…… Say It Say It Come Now Damn It I’m exploding inside you grab my ass and pull me tight!

  160. i like this site.mmm i feel naughty when i read all dirty talk.

  161. Shiit, I’ve used a lot of these… 101 is really fucked up.

  162. At Vanessa. I agree with you on the first one.
    But as for the hair, I think you’ll find it’s only a typically western thing to be hairless. In Asia, hair is quite common place.

  163. BOYDNAR is absolutely right. I always tell my girl she’s been a “real good girl for daddy” when we’re getting it on and the other day in the car, I said, “good girl babe” when she had done something well, and she says to me with a sneaky little smile, “normally I’d be pissed off by that but…you just made my clit tingle.” I gotta take it to the next level Boydnar’s on though.

  164. 1st of alll “fuck me hard like daddy used to” that’s horibleeeeeeee who ever invited that saying that woudnt make me wet at alll …..2nd of all “i love the feel of your cunt hair on my nose while I tongue fuck your sweet pussy” wtf loooool
    who has a haiy fanny these days anyway

  165. this is for BOYDNAR-
    OMFG!!! where the hell have you been. why cant most guys know this stuff. that makes me so hot just thinking how that must feel. you have a lucky girlfriend! if a guy is not sexual enough i feel kind of dorky being the sexually dominate one.

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    lmao.. i would never say any of these to my boyfriend..
    well maybe

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  170. r u guna make luv 2 me or r u guna FUK ME??? i want u 2 fuk me right now, get the solid cock of urs n let me take control, im guna lik it suk it swallow that dick of urs. im guna roll it round my mouth n deep throat u till u cant handle it no more…wen ur beggin me to ride u i will make u wait n wait n just before u cum all over my pretty little face ill stop…..wait a few miutes while i massage ur body n go agen…then ill climb on top of u n put ur rock hard cock in my tight little pussy n fuk u so gud u wont believe its possible 2 feel these things…….o n u cum….typical…..ha ha ha….

  171. Kinda amusing to read through . . . but since women’s sense of hearing is as sexually sensitive as men’s sense of sight, it is MEN who should GET OFF THEIR LAZY, IGNORANT ASSES and learn to excite their women with all the auditory stimulation via sensual dirty talk that every woman deserves. Men should do 95% of the dirty talk in the bedroom (and out of the bedroom ;>) because it’s exactly what women need and deserve (that’s “deserve” in a good way). Because I have trained my GF to be responsive to my voice, I can give her an orgasm by simply saying to her, “Cum like a good girl.” I can also stop her orgasm . . . and then start it up again . . . all by voice command and all at my whim (she’s grateful that “my whim” is very often). That’s how women are wired — with an extremely sensitive cerebral auditory center and an innate desire and inclination to be responsive to a dominant man who knows how to lead her and has her best interests at heart. It may be said that men are ‘very sexual,’ but women — wonderful creatures that they are — are HYPERsexual in the hands of a man who knows how to bring out the hidden sexual potential in a woman. Most women themselves have no fuhREEKin’ idea how much sexual pleasure their bodies are capable of when their mind is stimulated properly. And 99% of that unbounded female sexual potential can be brought to fruition ONLY by a man who knows how to engage a woman’s erotic mind through sincere sensual dirty talk.

    Oh, if it’s of interest to any of you girls, the dirty talk lines that happen to trip my personal trigger the most are the ones that convey a girl’s eager and wholehearted sexual submissiveness (especially if it’s expressed in more of a shy, feminine way and less of a vulgar, aggressive way). To wit: 15, 16, 17, 21, 43, 50, 51, 69, 95, 97. You get the idea. I’ll bet many other men feel the same. Not all of course, but many.

  172. Oh baby i want u to tie me up and have your fuckin way with me do whatever u want torture me make me cum make sure u have ur fun now cus later it will me my turn and i will tear u the fuck up worse than u have ever been i will lick u from your neck to your balls then back up and nibble and lick them ears then i will suck that dick til u cum in my mouth all over my face tits then i will get top of that big ass dick and fuck it til i cum all over it then suck my juices right off it deepthroatin it til u cum again

  173. Yea 101 is not right…I was raped by my father and that is not something that my partner would want to hear…I think hed probably freak, get dressed, and drag me to a therapists…but the rest are good

  174. How about this…..I want to fuck u soo hard none of that sweet shit. Just your fat cock pounding me til I scream while u pull my hair and bite my kneck…ummm yeahh that’s it fuck me fuck me harder I need to feel u in me….lick my wet pussy yeah taste me that’s what u do to me ummmmm….I want u to nut soo hard in my mouth that u drip down my chin yummy… now I’m ready to fuck 😉

  175. SeriousTrouble says

    How about “I want to ride your disco stick”

    And 101 is one I use when my man and I are acting out a daddy-daughter scene.

  176. Umm I used so many of this, there worked so gooooooood!! i love this website, but 101 just killed it,,:)

  177. I love tranny babes.

  178. yeah, ummm, 101 is totally fucked up

  179. what perverted mind would use n’ 101 with partner

  180. Oh baby, when I lick your cunt, it makes my cock so hard. Do you like it when I run my tongue from your asshole to your clit and back again ? You taste so goooood ! I love the feel of your cunt hair on my nose while I tongue fuck your sweet pussy. When I’m done making you cum like a porn star, will you suck my cock until I explode my load in the back of your throat ? When you do that to me, it makes my cock so rock hard !

  181. And a rim job means to lick a butthole…I’m 99% sure

  182. WTF #101: “fuck me hard like daddy used to” that’s gross, considering how tame the other 100 examples are.

  183. i would love to give that hot dick of yours a rim job, i’d defiantly swallow .
    i’ll let you open my legs and do what ever you want to me.
    i’d love to bounce on that nice dick of yours for an hour or a few 😉

    i want you hard as fuck , so i can ride the fuck outta you. i cant wait till you get up in me. i wanna suck you off till you jizz so much my mouth is full and its pouring out all over my face .

  184. Omfg! Meat rod?? That is original!! I’m a vegetarian-so I’ll go with the ‘spring roll!’

    I went thru a phase where I wanted it a little on the rough side and found words came so easy to me. I like when a guy talks dirty but if it sounds planned, it’s a turn off.

  185. I pulled this one out and he loved it
    ” I want your dick in and around my mouth.”

  186. I heard some pretty dirty things when I was a volunteer towel boy at the local oriental massage parlor.
    “don’t you love my marinated tofu pussy? Now let me sample your delicious Spring roll. I have a snack for you, put your face in my salty bento box!”
    What an outrageous summer job.

  187. nice list here are some oh baby fuck me your cock feels so good inside me or oh ya give it to me hard daddy make me scream, i want you to cream in my mouth

  188. *laughs* Meat Rod. Couldn’t say it with a straight face.

  189. I like it when u fuck me outside!…. especially at the park….lick it riit there….harder…cum in mii hair….. pound me like your beating me up…i love sucking ur big fat sweaty Meat rod…..ilove it wen u like mii clit….im gonn a suck u dry

  190. cum is the correct spelling for cum, not come…

  191. Dammm, alicia knows what she is talking about. You must be familiar with all of that im guessing 😛

  192. Or… I love it when ur forceful! Bang my pussy from behind mmm pull my hair beat my pussy up baby oh god fuck me mmm hard baby hard beat it up oh god yes mmm

  193. How about this kind of talk? Mmm daddy! Get my pussy soakin wet slap my pussy with ur hard cock rub my clitty wit urCock n feel my juices taste them I want to fuck ur tongue mmm

  194. LovingModelizer says

    Seemingly, the above lines are better suited for women to use than me. That said, I prefer being in the moment with a girl instead of recalling Dirty lines. Thanks for the help anyway!

  195. umm this was a great list except for number 101 that was sick!! lol incest much? lol

  196. I use this one with my wife:

    I want to do the way your boy friend does to you.

  197. You guys need lives

  198. Poppy Peetah says

    1. I’m gonna wet your whistle with a gallon of spooge.

    2. I want to eat that tasty ass with a spatula…

    3. (During Ejaculation) Taste my disease!

    4. Baby, your pussy is as toasty as a convection oven on the clean cycle.

    5. Oh Yeah… I’m gonna stretch that browneye like polymer clay.

    6. Honey… Your gonna need to squeegee your money maker in about 17 seconds…

    7. Baby, use my face like a urinal at a Billy Ray’s broken down truck stop.

  199. luv this list

  200. this list is kinda form the 1920s/

  201. hard.boy2@hotmail.com add me and lets talk dirty girls only

  202. I want to suck your pussy

  203. You like it when I spread my legs and squirt for you like a good slut?” hhaaaa that’s what a Cow on a farm might think. get it? ’cause you gotta squeeze their nipples for milk to get out? haaa.

  204. WTF, who wants to do someone like daddy used to>????????? thats wack…

  205. That last one “do me like daddy used to do me”? Seriously? WTF. That’s one of the dumbest lists ever. Luckily I’m a fast reader cause that saved me from reading that for an extra 2 minutes of torture.

  206. how about ohhh i love feeling u in side me. or whisper in the guys year saying u want him to cum all over you lol should get him going xx

  207. Youre sister fucks better then you do !

  208. Another great list of dirty talking ideas. Thank you so much for posting these Denise!

  209. You sad sad people……

  210. qualifiedtosatisfy says


    These are so totally helpful ! My boyfriend moved recently, but we’ve been trying to keep our relationship going strong, like on the phone, and he always asks me to talk dirty to him… this helped soo much !

    Try this (it’s not that good, but he seemed to like it 😉 )

    I’m gona fuck you so hard, and then when we’re done, baby, I’m gona clean that dick of yours … every inch of it with my tongue, because you are my favorite flavour :))) haha !

  211. thanks for the help… a dude i know that wants to be with me is giving me 150 for cybersex and everybody’s idea helped…. thanks a lot

  212. gud gud

  213. i like your messages

  214. Can you send me some updates on this site? It’s cool

  215. Sex is so my thing.
    I tried the talk with my sex partner and I got a dildo for my birthday

  216. this shits terrible and wouldn’t turn me on for shit.. whoever wrote this is sexually retarded

  217. ahha these are great i am going to use them tomarrow

  218. I love it wen my ex says “ur my dirty little slut/nawty girl” n then he gets me to repeat it back, its suuuch a turn on lol and wen he says “u like bein controlled dont u/u like gettin f**ked hard?” hes better than me at it but i try my best!

  219. Oh i love sex talk

    I love hot sweet cum down my pussy!
    And my throat

  220. o wow that is wat i wod love 2 send 2 my BFs

  221. OMG I didn’t even notice the hardcore dirty talk examples until you posted the link Denise…thanks!

  222. Bob and Beth…

    If you would take a minute to look around the site you would notice we have a “101 Hardcore Examples” as well.

    Check towards the top where it says “101 Lists”

    I hope you enjoy…

  223. this list is f-ing lame. I agree with Bob Jones. This list is suppose to be DIRTY, where the hell is the dirt?

  224. this list is lame. come on’ where’s the actual DIRTY words?!

  225. Thanks for the woman on woman lists!

  226. “Tonight, I’m your dolly.”

  227. I am lovin these phrases for my lover haha and so does he

  228. i’m curious, what was the originanl 101?

  229. For Diana,

    I think this list can be pretty easily adapted to women on women. Substitute “tight little pussy” or “slutty little pussy” for cock and dick. Talk about her sexy hard tits, her voluptuous ass, soft lips, etc. Tell her that you’re going to fuck her brains out with your finger.
    “I have three fingers inside of you. Can you feel me fucking you? How hard do you want me to fuck you” or
    “Fuck me with your fingers. Fuck me harder.”
    “I’m going to suck on your clit until you scream in pleasure.”
    “I’m going to devour your pussy like a juicy peach”
    You get the idea.

  230. i only found this last night. but this the the second time i am on this site. i love. and plan on useing it in the future.

  231. Oopps ok love the list but do you have anything for women and women?

  232. Do you have anything for women for women?

  233. My husband has always wanted me to talk dirty him. I wasn’t uncomfortable with it, just at a loss for words. I would come up with a few things but quickly lost the fire when everything I had was used up. This list will help!!! Thank you.

  234. I just always find myself coming back to these dirty phrases.

    Every time I come back I remember a couple more that I can use later on.

    thanks again Denise

  235. thank you this is just what i needed to break my barrier!

  236. how about……”Hurt my pussy with your big fat cock, baby!”

  237. the list kind of lost credibility when i reached #101

  238. I changed number 101, I hope you like it 😀

  239. not really into num 101….you should maybe take that one off…love it other than that

  240. loved the list until I got to 101. Don’t think that everyone is into incest thoughs….kinda sick

  241. fantastic list….WOW

  242. How about some more:

    Don’t you dare come now! I’ll whip your bottom if you do!

    Oh, you’re RAMMING it in!

    You CALL that fucking!??

  243. This is a great list, thank you for sharing it. I have been back three times now to learn new dirty talk phrases!
    ty, ty, ty 😀

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