101 Confidence Boosters

1. Have a hot, sexy romp in bed – all day long

2. Get a manicure and pedicure

3. Go to a bar and flirt outrageously with the cute bartender

4. Strap on a pair of high heels while doing the laundry

5. Wear your sexiest lingerie under your business suit

6. Have a one-night stand

7. Walk around the house naked all day

8. Make a list of compliments others have bestowed upon you

9. Talk to a friend about what you can do to boost your confidence

10. Have a “nooner” with your busy lover

11. Write a naughty story about you and your lover

12. Invest in that gorgeous dress

13. Buy weights and work out to the sound of your favorite music

14. Crank up that music and dance around the house

15. Make a list of the reasons you are successful

16. Go somewhere you have never been before

17. Think about the last time your lover worshipped your body

18. Take a course in something that interests you

19. Buy yourself a huge bouquet of flowers

20. Get an instant spray-tan for a healthy glow

21. Volunteer for your favorite charity

22. Get a haircut – something sexy and sassy!

23. Fake it until you make it

24. Turn up the radio in the car and sing at the top of your lungs

25. Buy yourself a new sex toy and use it immediately!

26. Take a pottery class

27. Turn to visualization – what do you really want? See it in your mind!

28. Keep a gratitude journal of the things that made you happy today

29. Get acrylic nails in a vivid color

30. Decide on what your purpose is. What drives you?

31. Start a blog and talk about your personal experiences

32. Have phone sex with a stranger

33. Leave a steamy message on your lover’s voicemail

34. Take sexy pictures of yourself with a digital camera

35. Take a stripping class

36. Buy a nice gift for someone at work – for no reason at all

37. Go to a private beach in that new swimsuit

38. Have a makeover at the makeup counter

39. Rent a limousine for the evening

40. Go through your old high school yearbook and remember your first crush

41. Better yet, look up old high school friends and give them a call

42. Read old love letters

43. Take a walk – and smile at every stranger who crosses your path

44. Buy a drink for that gorgeous guy at the restaurant

45. Surprise your lover at the door in nothing but a sexy negligee

46. Wear a slinky evening dress to the local play

47. Get a thirty-minute shower…or a two-hour bath

48. Leave a huge tip for your waitress

49. Drop a nice check for a charity – anonymously

50. Set small goals for yourself

51. Surprise your lover with a new sexual move

52. Hop onto the internet and flirt in sexy chat rooms

53. Plan a private vacation for you and your honey

54. Buy a new perfume that makes you feel sultry and sexy

55. Pick one bad habit and resolve to stop – right now

56. Step out of character – walk the mall and pretend you’re a celebrity!

57. Buy a pair of high heels much taller than what you usually wear

58. Leave a sexy note on a stranger’s car

59. Then wear them to bed with your partner!

60. Visit your bookstore, buy a book about something new, and read it cover to cover

61. Sign up for aerobics classes

62. Better yet, hire a personal trainer

63. Read an erotic book while in the bathtub

64. Talk to a fashion expert about which clothes look best for your figure

65. Go through your local drive-through…and pay for the order of the person behind you

66. Wear a barely-there thong

67. Plan a long night out with the girls

68. Eat dinner by candlelight

69. Clean up the clutter. This can make you feel so much better!

70. Give your old mentor a call and thank them for helping you get where you are today

71. Do the dishes in your underwear

72. Send your lover a letter – complete with a lipstick kiss

73. Have flowers sent to yourself at work – with no card, of course. Make everyone guess!

74. Learn how to give a lap dance, and then do it!

75. Start an email relationship with someone completely different from you

76. Make a list of reasons why someone should love you

77. Learn techniques for focusing, and apply them at work

78. Photoshop your own image into pictures with people you admire

79. Rearrange your living room…or your bedroom

80. Learn a foreign language

81. Rent a convertible and cruise through your old neighborhood

82. Walk tall and straight, with perfect posture

83. Resolve to eat healthy foods and avoid the junk

84. Go somewhere you have always wanted to go

85. Spend a weekend simply pleasing your partner

86. Take a couple’s cruise…or a single’s cruise, depending upon your situation

87. Turn into a Mrs. Robinson and date a much younger man

88. Plan a movie day, and go by yourself. No sharing the popcorn!

89. Visit a spa and get a deep-pore facial

90. Invest in expensive moisturizers and use them religiously

91. Print out inspirational quotes and put them around the house so you see them every day

92. Listen to positive, upbeat music

93. Feeling brave? Take a turn at the strip club and dance on the pole!

94. Make a point of living in the present

95. Meditate in a quiet room, with only the sound of your breathing for company

96. Make a list of things you love about your partner, and congratulate yourself on choosing so wisely!

97. Let go of a grudge and forgive the person who wronged you

98. Put up a personals profile and watch the compliments roll in

99. Have your photograph made by a professional photographer

100. Don’t forget pets – their adoration is second to none!

101. Believe you’re sexy…and you will be


  1. good advice. thanks!

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