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101 Bedroom Tricks

1. Blindfolds increase all other senses and make for an interesting experience.

2. Handcuffs are great for that “bad boy” routine.

3. Wear your high heels the entire time you’re having sex.

4. Try out a new position every time you hit the sack.

5. Whisper your naughty fantasy into his ear – while you’re in public. The wait to get home will be delicious torture!

6. Wrap your lubed hands around his penis and slide them back and forth, as if you were trying to start a fire with his…ummm…log.

7. Opt for flavored lube and use it generously for a slippery sensation.

8. Instead of rubbing your hands over your lover’s skin, just tap with your fingertips.

9. Use a cock ring for even more girth from your man.

10. Strong mints with a dose of peppermint make for a tingly sensation on delicate body parts.

11. Don’t stroke his penis – squeeze him rhythmically instead.

12. Moan your approval while you are sucking his dick.

13. Go down on him with a small piece of ice in your mouth?

14. Is he the adventurous type? Run that piece of ice along the crack of his ass while you give him head.

15. Draw the alphabet over her clit with your tongue.

16. Put on hot sex music and fuck to the beat.

17. Want to slow things down? Barry White makes for great lovemaking music.

18. Take a sip of ice water before going down; alternate it with a sip of hot tea.

19. Long day at work? Tie him up with his own tie.

20. Shave your body completely bare and put on a show for your lover.

21. Paint each other’s bodies with a thin paintbrush dipped in chocolate sauce.

22. Dry-hump each other until you orgasm – with your clothes still on!

23. Always make eye contact.

24. Make short videos of you doing naughty things together.

25. Give a naughty massage from head to toe with scented massage oils.

26. Use a feather to touch your lover’s body everywhere.

27. Slip a piece of ice inside her and then go “fishing” to get it out with your tongue.

28. Get into the shower and get it on in the water.

29. Put a mirror beside the bed and watch what your sex session looks like.

30. Surround yourself with him in every way by wearing his cologne to bed.

31. Loop a pearl necklace around his cock and stroke him with it.

32. When she’s fresh out of the shower, lick up every drop of water from her skin.

33. Let your lover watch your masturbate.

34. On the other hand, you could always watch him masturbate and tell him how to do it.

35. Do a striptease in the middle of the bed while your lover watches from underneath you.

36. Drape a red scarf over the bedside lamp for a sultry glow.

37. Explore the sensual heat of a good erotic spanking.

38. Slide your fingers as deeply into her as they will go.

39. Squeeze his butt while he slams into you in the missionary position.

40. Stroke him while wearing lubed latex gloves. The sensation will be surprising and fun.

41. On that same subject, why not try being the naughty nurse?

42. Invite your best friend to watch.

43. Or invite your partner’s best friend to watch!

44. Come to bed in leather lingerie.

45. Use earplugs for utterly silent play – it’s more intense than you think!

46. Take pictures of each other in the nude.

47. Introduce a vibrator into your sex play.

48. Use your fingernails to stroke his body from head to toe.

49. Let him watch as you suck your own nipples.

50. Have your ass lubed up before he comes to bed, and invite him to put his dick there.

51. Ask your lover to come all over your body.

52. Record the sound of your lover’s orgasm on your voice mail so you can enjoy it anytime you want.

53. If you have long hair, drag it over your lover’s body for a sweet sensation.

54. Put a porn movie on the television while you get it on. Imitate what the actors do.

55. Do nothing but kiss for ten minutes straight.

56. Climb on, put his dick inside you, and dance in place. The gyrations will amaze him!

57. Pretend to be someone else for an evening.

58. Fulfill a fantasy or two with your erotic toys.

59. Ask him to draw his name in an intimate place on your body with a Sharpie marker. Marking territory is hot!

60. Put lotion all over her body.

61. Switch your old cotton sheets with new satin ones.

62. Put her dildo in the refrigerator for a while and then slide it into her warm body.

63. Learn how to deep throat.

64. Play the “virgin” or “schoolgirl” to his “headmaster” or “sultan.”

65. Read an erotic story to him while he strokes himself.

66. Lick his shaft and then blow cool air over it to give him shivers.

67. Leave the lights on during sex.

68. Have a glass of wine before bed to help you both relax and drop the inhibitions.

69. Ask him to detail his favorite fantasy while you masturbate to it.

70. Are you truly adventurous? Invite someone home to join in with you.

71. Vow to go one week without sexual intercourse – only touching and kissing. The fun is in the trying!

72. Reach down and spank his ass while he’s thrusting inside you.

73. When he’s about to come, back off and squeeze the base of his penis until the sensation passes. Then rev him back
up. A few times of trying that and he will come harder than ever!

74. Pretend to be a prostitute and give your “John” whatever he wants.

75. Touch your lover only with your breath. Nothing else. See how long it takes before the begging begins!

76. Bring desserts to bed and offer your body as the plate.

77. Keep your panties on while you fuck – just move them to the side.

78. Play “20 Naughty Questions” while lying in bed together. Ask things guaranteed to turn up the heat.

79. Using Redi-Whip is an old cliché – but it works. Try it!

80. For the open-minded man, a strap-on can be a hot sex toy.

81. Set the alarm for thirty minutes early in the morning and use the extra time for sex.

82. Try the dice roll. Roll a pair of dice, and whatever number comes up is the number of minutes you will spend doing
whatever sex move he wants. Set a timer! When time is up, it’s your turn.

83. Take the time to find her G-Spot. Believe me, it’s worth the effort!

84. Practice your Kegel exercises so you can squeeze him while he’s inside you.

85. Talk dirty to him with raunchy words you have never used before.

86. Drink your favorite wine from your lover’s belly button.

87. Let your partner watch you undress. It’s a simple way to turn them on!

88. Bite your lover gently all over their body. It’s a unique sensation that doesn’t happen everyday!

89. Suck your lover’s earlobe. You will be amazed at what happens.

90. Invest in soy wax body-friendly candles and drip the warm wax all over her body.

91. Offer to shave your lover’s body before you make love.

92. Pretend to be a complete stranger and tell your partner wild things you want to try.

93. Kiss and suck on your lover’s clean, bare toes. The sensation is incredible for man or woman!

94. Call a phone sex hotline, put it on speaker, and get it on while an invisible person urges you both to orgasm.

95. Suck on her fingertips until she’s squirming for more.

96. Wake your lover up by going down on them.

97. Hop in the shower and wash your partner’s body from head to toe – spending a great deal of time around their
middle, if you catch the drift.

98. Switch things up by doing it against the wall.

99. See how quickly you can engage in a quickie. Time how long it takes.

100. Try to stay completely silent during sex, while your lover tries to make you scream. The challenge can lead to serious fun!

101. Stare into your lover’s eyes as your orgasm.


  1. O Lucita… give it a rest! Take a chill pill…. these are JUST creative ideas for FUN! If you’re that worried, have a fire extinguisher under your pillow!

  2. 36. Drape a red scarf over the bedside lamp for a sultry glow.

    …This is absolutely ridiculous. Someone is going to start a fire. I’m all for everyone doing whatever, but this is dangerous. It should be deleted.

  3. I have tried many of these and they really work. I was married for 6 years and my sex life was getting really boring so I went to the book store and was reading up on some things to do in the bedroom and it spiced things up ALOT!!!!!

  4. Hi! i’m new to this site but i’d love to know exactly what to say when the time is right

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