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10 Ways to Get His Attention – Fast.

Many people believe a woman can get a man’s attention by simply walking through the room. But when you really want a man to notice you, suddenly it isn’t so easy to get his attention. It seems the most wonderful men – the ones we really want – don’t respond to the usual attention-getting strategies. So take the unconventional approach and get his attention in other ways!

1. Wear something sexy. Yes, men are visual creatures. Get his attention by wearing something that shows off your best assets to full advantage.

2. Hide behind sunglasses. The mystery of a woman in sunglasses will get his attention immediately, and makes him wonder what you’re really thinking behind those shades.

3. Drop dirty innuendo. Say something that makes him look for the double meanings. The more dirty talk you can fit into normal conversation, the more he will notice and wonder what’s behind the sweet and innocent persona.

4. Strut in your high heels. Again, think visual! Men love to see women in high heels. It puts your body into sexy alignment, makes you strut your breasts and your ass, and it always turns a man on to think about fucking a woman who is still wearing her high heels to bed. They are called “fuck me” pumps for a reason!

5. Be straightforward. Nothing gets a man’s attention faster than a woman who knows what she wants. So be a straight shooter with the fellow — get his attention by letting him know you’re interested, in no uncertain terms.

6. Wear perfume. The sense of smell is very important, because it can evoke memories, or attach itself to a particular scenario. That certain scent will always remind you of a place or a person. Wear a signature perfume that will always remind him of you, and then you can get his attention without even being in the same room.

7. Be adventurous. Men love women who aren’t afraid to taste all that life has to offer. When you are talking to him, casually mention a few of your wilder adventures, and enjoy how quickly his attention focuses on you!

8. Insert a little jealousy. Men like to know they have some competition. Flirt with someone else in front of him, but keep coming back to him, as though he’s the one you really want. When they see other men wanting you, they will give you much more attention than you ever dreamed.

9. Spice it up with the same sex. Hit the dance floor with that hot blonde and dance like crazy, or flirt openly with his buddy’s date. The open-minded approach will get his attention in a heartbeat.

10. Focus on him. No matter what else you do to get his attention, the most important part is simply focusing on him. Show him you want to know what he’s thinking and feeling, and keep his attention by asking him to go somewhere with you – somewhere private and quiet. He will definitely get the message!

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