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10 Sexy Ways to Make a Woman Want You

Sure, we’ve all heard that women like the sexy stuff after plenty of foreplay. As a woman, I can attest that’s true — however, there are a few sexy things you can do that will trip her trigger almost immediately, and in some cases, make foreplay a moot point. Here are the top 10 sexy ways to make a woman want you:

1. Talk Sexy. Tell her all the things she wants to hear. Nothing about love or marriage or how you want forever — tell her the sexy things that indicate how you feel right now, at this moment in time. Tell her how hot she is, how much you want her, and what her body makes you desire.

2. Kiss like crazy. A sexy kisser is worth his weight in gold, and can kiss his way right into the bedroom. Brush up on your kissing skills, and better yet, ask her to teach you what she likes. A man who is willing to learn is sexy as hell.

3. Use your hands. Your woman will be putty in your hands — literally! — if you simply take the time to let your fingers do the walking. The sexy touches you bestow on her body will have her panting for you before the clothes hit the floor.

4. Plan the night. A man who takes charge and knows what he wants is sexy, and the fact that she has nothing to do but relax and enjoy you speaks volumes to her comfort level.

5. Flirt like mad! She loves to hear the compliments, see that sexy wink, and talk about things that raise the tension in the room. Flirt with her to show her how much you want her, and soon she will be returning the favor.

6. Hit the erogenous zones. Go for the places you know will drive her wild! Your lips on her neck, your breath on her ear, your teeth gently nipping at her collarbone…whew, wait, did it just get hot in here?

7. Feed her. Give her fresh fruits, decadent chocolates, and rich appetizers. Are you a good cook? Get in the kitchen and make something, and don’t forget the apron. Aprons on men are sexy. Don’t ask why — it’s just one of those things.

8. Dare her. Want to really get her motor revving? Go old school and treat her like a schoolgirl who is up for a dare. Make your date challenging, fun, and ultimately, something that requires physical activity. The hotter the action gets, the more action you might get later.

9. Give her what she wants. When it’s hot and heavy petting time, turn the sexy up with an old-fashioned fingering. Don’t ask for more until she’s ready to give it. Necking and kissing all night is a throwback to high school days, and that can be hot as hell.

10. Be patient. A patient man is incredibly sexy. That patience means we’re worth the ride, and you are willing to wait to get there. A little patience, coupled with the things listed above, will turn your sexy into SEXY with all capital letters!

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Confident, fun, well-rounded and sexy. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.

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