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Real Sexting Conversations To Read

real sexting conversation #1

Sexting allows a couple or friends with benefits to talk dirty to each other over a mobile device. These sexual conversations can contain text, ideas and/or pictures. A sexting conversation is a great way to keep a relationship fresh and can help with long distance relationships as well. Sexting conversations …

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    Dirty Talking To Yourself While Masturbating

    masturbating by yourself

    Don’t you hate it when someone catches you talking to yourself? I especially hate it when they give me that “look.” You know, the one that says I must have some loose marbles up there. Why do people always think you’re crazy when they catch you discussing something with yourself? …

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      Phone Sex Tips And Tricks For A Hot Encounter

      No matter how hot the phone sex is to begin with, eventually it might get a little stale. If that’s the case, there are some surprising scenarios to get things back on the hotter-than-hot track! Here are a few tips and tricks for the hottest of phone sex encounters. In …

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