101 Dirty Text Messages

1. i wnt 2 x u

2. i cnt w8 2 nuzzle ur nips

3. when will u b home in bd w/ me?

4. get off work early n cum get me

5. i wnt 2 lick u

6. i wnt 2 taste ur dick

7. i wnt 2 milk ur dick n get ur cream

8. i wnt 2 suck u

9. i wnt 2 lick ur cum from my fingers

10. get home so I can fuck u

11. r u hot yet?

12. r u hard already?

13. r u hot n bothered, baby?

14. r u warin nefin?

15. is ur dick long n hard n thick?

16. can anybody tell how hard u r?

17. r u gna show off ur cock?

18. r u naked?

19. do u wnt me?

20. u can hv me

21. all u hv 2 do is cum home n spread my legs

22. open me up wide 4 ur dick

23. i gna slide down ur hard cock

24. my puss is dripping wet

25. u can slide rite in

26. i wnt 2 ride on ur rod

27. i wnt 2 make u wet w/ my juices

28. i am 2uching myself rite now

29. wish u cud watch me!

30. on the bd w/o clothes

31. sliding my fingers inside my cunt

32. teasing w/ my nips

33. on the verge of cumin hard

34. my puss is so fucking hot!

35. i gna cum hard

36. i gna suck it gd

37. i just came 4 u

38. ram it in2 me

39. i ur dessert

40. suck me n I’ll cum lyk crazy

41. u wnt 2 c my tits?

42. wnt 2 rub my puss?

43. i gna climb on 2p

44. slide my puss over ur cock

45. i gna ride u until u hv 2 cum

46. then Igna s2p

47. i gna give u a bj

48. ur gna shoot 4 me

49. cum all over my face

50. cum all over my tits

51. cum all over my puss

52. watch me play w/ ur cream

53. u wnt it dnt u?

54. when I c u I will get out the 2ys

55. i can take a 2y in each hole

56. u can fuck me wherever u wnt

57. dnt let anyone c ur naughty thots!

58. r u gna shr this text w/ ur friend?

59. would u lyk an orgy?

60. i do ur friend if u ask me nicely

61. can u imagine every hole full of cock?

62. u call the shots and tell me wut 2 do

63. wut do u wnt?

64. i wnt u 2 do me

65. i wnt u 2 give me all the fucking u can

66. when ur done I wnt u 2 turn me over

67. slide it up my ass

68. u wnt that tight ass?

69. make me feel lyk a virgin all over again

70. make me take it

71. make me take all ur friends

72. make me scream ur name

73. pump in2 me til u cum hard

74. make me cum hard, 2!

75. do u wnt 2 shoot it all over my face?

76. watch ur sticky crm slide down?

77. make me take it lyk the whore I am

78. u lyk having a slut 4 a luvr?

79. do nefin u wnt

80. i can do things u never imagined

81. i can make u feel btter than ne1

82. u wnt 2 treat me lyk a whore?

83. u can pay me lyk a slut

84. i wear high heels n fishnets

85. i give u wutever u wnt

86. u dnt hv 2 know my name

87. we can pretend Iur prostitute

88. wnt me 2 fulfill ur fantasy, baby?

89. u can watch me make it w/ ur bf

90. i can make it w/ my bf

91. i can fuck anybody u wnt

92. i can let u watch me fuck them

93. cum home and get me

94. ram ur cock hard in2 my puss

95. make me taste u in my throat

96. cum wherever u wnt

97. cum ne where

98. ur puss is w8n here 4 u!

99. my legs r spread and ready

100. hurry b4e I cum…

101. Do me w ur cock

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