101 Dirty Talk Examples

1. I love the way you kiss me…especially when you kiss me there!

2. I want to get naked with you right now.

3. Say my name when you do that!

4. I love you so much. Can you feel it?

5. Do you like the way that feels?

6. I love feeling your strong arms when you’re on top of me. I love your muscles!

7. Use your mouth on me.

8. I love the things you do with your tongue.

9. You’re so damn gorgeous.

10. What’s that thing you do with your hand? I adore that!

11. Want to see what I really want? Come closer…

12. Strip for me, honey. Slow. I want to savor every inch of you.

13. Do you like the way that looks?

14. I’m going to control you tonight.

15. Use me as your toy.

16. Tell me what you want.

17. I’ll do anything for a sexy lover like you…anything at all.

18. You’re the best lover I have ever had.

19. This is going to be the dirtiest night of your life.

20. Show me what you can do. I know you’re man enough!

21. You can have me any way you want.

22. Look, honey – handcuffs! What can we do with these?

23. Don’t stop, harder!

24. You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

25. It drives me crazy when you look at me that way.

26. You know what I want. Give it to me.

27. I want you so bad – can you feel how much?

28. Just lie back and let me make you come.

29. You like that, don’t you? You like it when your woman does that to you?

30. Look how ready I am. Don’t you want to put your dick in there?

31. I adore how naughty you are.

32. You taste so good.

33. Come over here and ride me hard.

34. No one has ever made me come as hard as you can.

35. You make me so damn horny, baby!

36. I want to feel those sweet lips all over me.

37. Fuck me, honey. Right now.

38. I’m going to lick you and suck you until you come.

39. Want to make me scream? I’ll bet you can.

40. Get over here, big boy. Show me what you’re packing.

41. I love it when you nibble on my nipples.

42. Do that some more.

43. Your wish is my command.

44. Should I tie you up and make you take it, or are you going to be good?

45. Don’t you dare come until I say you can.

46. I love how big your cock gets when I talk to you like this.

47. Fuck me with your big, delicious dick.

48. How deep can you go? Let’s find out.

49. Lick every inch of me.

50. Only question is…where do you want to come?

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Denise Brienne

Author / Writer / Sex Consultant at Dirty Talk 101
Confident, fun, well-rounded and sexy. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.


  1. Chris says

    For me Dirty talk is super hot and makes everyone cum so much more violently. And for me you have to use all the obvious “dirty words and names” like, Cunt(myopersonal favorite) especially “hairy” cunt, slut, whore, skanke, fuck, cum, cock, fuck hole, fuck snot

  2. jim says

    This site helped my wife and I’s sex life. My wife is basically a prude, doesn’t drink and her harshest language is usually a gosh or gee. She does smoke though which seems a contradiction. Anyway, somehow she saw this site and it must have energized her. We had just finished lunch one day and out of the blue she said ” I want to fuck you dry”. I got instantly hard. Another time after having just checked in to a motel, she said “fuck the shit out of me” and ” I want to blow smoke rings on your cock”. She still doesn’t use words or phrases like that outside the bedroom.

  3. JustBeeJay says

    i love to hear dirty talks and that is my talent from God…it drives me nut….any sweet girl that can talk dirty to hears till i ejaculate. holla me on 07081463660

  4. Kyle Wilson says

    Baby I want you to ride my face, I want to stick my tongue in your pussy and lick every ounce of wetness you are dripping just for me, I want you to wrap your legs around my neck, I want to eat your pussy like its the last time I’ll ever eat. I want to kiss, nibble, slurp, suck and make you fucking scream

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